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About Guruji and his visit to USA 10 years 1 month ago #507

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About Guruji
Dr.Jayachandra Raj is affectionately called as Guruji. He was born in Changanessery near kottayam, Kerala. Please click to know about his academic excellence in Economics .

He got a siddhi (power) through his Guru Prabhakara Siddha Yogi .

This Yogi appeared few times in front of Guruji in train, while Guruji was comuting to his work place in Kerala. His guru suggested him not to waste his life after materialism but to help wipe the sufferings of beings. The guru bestowed a unique astrological power to Guruji.

For the last many years he had been giving free consultation to many people. In 2001, very interesting incident took place leading to Guruji discover the great Pancha Theertha temple . Click to read this great story connected with Guruji's astrological findings.

Our Beloved friend Jayaprakash wrote this incident in a web site he created for Pancha Theertha temple.

In 2005, when he went to meet his Guru Swami Sathyananda_Saraswathi, in Thiruvanadnapuram Puramm Ashram. he stood away from the crowd but glancing at the Guru talking to devotees. In the middle of the talk, Swami noted "here is a person from the land of Asuras". Around 200 devotees look at him making Jayapraksash little uncomfortable.

After the crowd melted away, he asked his Guru " But these Asuras also should be having a Guru, isnt it?. Tell me then who as their Guru". The guru said "If you are that anxious find out for yourself".

Through googling he found Sukracharya was the Guru of Asuras (those who wished for material abundance). Having living in a land of material abundance, he wished to pay homage to the Guru Shukracharya and again googled to find where Sukrcharya lived and attained Samadhi.

His desire to know the place where the great Sukracharya lived in India grew but did not get any information. In 2006, his brother told about their neighbor in their mother's birth place and also a junior at his mother's school. His brother said he is now well known for doing astrological reading through mathemtical calculations called Raasi.

Jayaprakash met Guruji and was surprised that he could read about some personal details with accuracy from raasi. Convinced of his rare ability, he asked about " where in India Sukaracharya lived". Guruji used the Raasi (Astrological Energy reading) and told him that it was not in India, but in a place where in morning sun, the mountian was reddish and in evening sun it was goldish color. He also said it looks like the sound energy spelt in North America. Jayaprakash was very surprised about this information and being living in North America he was sure no such place existed.

Guruji looked at the astrologically calculations he wrote on the paper and described about red mountains and a river flowing in between to be the birth Place of Sukracharya. Guruji who had never visited USA asked Jayaprakash if such a landscape existed in USA. Jayaprakash guessed that could be the grand canyons. Later Guruji said that though Sukracharya was born in Grand canyon region he did worship Devi in two other places in USA. He said the Energy vibrations in the Raasi reads as Colarado Springs and Iowa.



Jayaprakash was very much interested to locate the spots and so invited Guruji to USA in 2007. Jayaprakash told about Guruji to us and asked if we were interested to join their visit to Grand canyon. We were amazed to find that the peaks were named after Vedic Gods, the Vishnu temple and Shiva temple tbrahma temple .

it was almost dark , when they reached Grand canyon and Guruji navigated them using his Raasi paper as if he was a familiar tour guide of the place. Guruji instructed Jayaprakash to stop the car once he could spot a tulsi plant. In the dark night with headlightson and in a running car, Jayaprakash could not spot one. At a particular time point, Guruji said he sees through raasi , that tulisi plants are nearby and asked to stop the car. Jayapraksh not willing to be beleive, stopped it. His friend got down and soppted a Tulsi plant. Now he was really ashtonished with Raasi finding. Guruji said this is the place where he was born and attained Samadhi.

Guruji described through raasi findings various information about Sukracharya in Grand Canyon. Inspired by this, JP wanted to go to Colorado springs.

Next we were in Colorado Springs to spot where Sukracharya did worship Parvathi.. Guruji did Raasi at the house of our friend Shiby. He said about 1.6 miles by air distance, there could be small red hill. He asked if anything like that exist. Shiby said yes there is a hill. We were so excited and jumped into car and drove to the spot. We saw red hills there and then Guruji did Raasi in that spot and said that Sati Devi did penance here to marry Lord Shiva.

Guruji again did a Raasi and said that the spot where she did meditation should be with a water spot and garden. Shiby said infact such a spot exist and it is called as Garden of the Gods .

We all went there and Guruji said it is very good to chant the 1000 names of Mother , because here is the place where she got her wish fulfilled to marry Shiva. He looked for a spot to sit and chant and stumbled upon a small pond where hundreds of one penny coins inside it. Curious about the pennies we asked the local tour guide, why there are pennies. He said, it is the Native American belief that those who come here and drop penny they get their marriage wish fulfilled. We were thrilled to here this news connecting to what Guruji has seen in his Raasi findings.

We then came with Guruji to Iowa where his Raasi findings showed that Sanathana Rishi Kumaras had also done here meditation and that is why this place had been a spiritual place for Native Americans and also reason the Maharishi mahesh Yogi been attracted to start the University at Fairfeild. Guruji said the divine mother's presence is also spotted here in Fairfield.

This spot where Devi's presence is strongly present is a place of divine knowledge.

The unconformity and Grandcanyon www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2016/08/...secret/#3f495fb267d7

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