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SECRETS OF IDOLS - Gajasamhara Murthy 10 years 4 months ago #865

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Idols are the symbolic expressions of spiritual lessons. There are numerous idols depicting various forms of Gods and Goddesses in Indian mythology.

They are the concept teaching tools in spiritual science. They are created with unique knowledge, attention and theme. They have secrets and challenges for us for decoding many things.

In ancient Bharath, people spend their resting hours in temples. Kings of South India has constructed numerous huge temples with numerous idols of spiritual lessons.

These spiritual materials make our mind to step into awareness about spiritual concepts. Slowly they will be taken towards abstraction by daily life practice.

The specific mantras for each idol when get chanted and worshiped will make us to unite the cosmic laws within ourselves. This makes good essential transformations.

But in mean time people out of ignorance has started believing that the so called ultimate truth ''Bhramam'' as God or Goddess is just the idol and they stick only to that. Idols are like the Montessori educating tools which gives us the obvious concrete experience about spiritual lessons. Slowly as the Montessori student get into abstraction we need to seek the primordial truth within us and in cosmos. Just worshiping an idol cannot give us wholistic knowledge.

Each action expressed by the idol, each part of the idol, each expression of the idol has to be decoded. Today even the idol makers are struggling to decode the real depth meaning and the explanation are only superficial. But if we understand the BODY-MIND-INTELLECT-AWARENESS-CONSCIOUSNESS [BMIAC] concept we can decode clearly and make link within us. Finally we will be visualizing the idol as your own self.

I am happy in sharing an experience how an idol has made me to transform.

I was reading a book about explanation for Shiva idols and one among them was GAJASAMHARA MOORTHY. Shiva killed the elephant send by the Rishis of Daharukavanam. The idol is very huge and it is very tough to carve or cast. The icon is in Vazhuvoor.

From the moment I saw the idol my mind was just thinking that idol, its legend and enjoying like a movie. I was again and again reading that legend and seeing that idol. The inner vision imbibes the beauty of the icon and goes on thinking which the other form of deep meditation is.

By morning I realized that my thoughts are more focused in my work and my mind is not deviated much with unnecessary issues. I attended a meeting, spoke for 1.5 Hours and came with the same calm mood. Still my mind was visualizing the icon. By mid noon I went to an emporium for a purchase.

Immediately when I stepped inside the door there I saw the 3.5 feet tall icon of GAJASAMHARA MOORTHY and I was just put into shocking surprise. Yes idols when they are meditated will appear in real and the secret syllables for the specific form will make the mind to visualize the form within awareness and also in reality.

I just stood near the idol for more than half an hour and admired.

The decoding concept of that idol:
Rishis in Dharukavanam came to an idea that if we just perform our daily duties perfectly with rituals that is more enough and there is no need for any other prayers to any specific God. Just our actions will give us ever thing we need.

So the awareness as Shiva and intellect as Vishnu planned for a deed. Lord Shiva appeared as Bikshadanaar and Vishnu as Damsel.

They got into the ashram. Wives of rishis got mesmerized with beauty of Shiva and rishis with Mohini.

The celestial pair just left that place and visited Vasistar's ashram and left that place.

But the angered Rishis stopped Shiva and complained about Monihini's actions which troubles them and Shiva said the same way their wives came behind him and where was the discipline?

Shiva said, ''just by performing actions without intellect and getting into awareness is waste and dangerous. The appearance of Shiva and Mohini is an action which will sure distract the men and women and in turn their mind will be restless and wants them to go behind them, but the intellect and awareness about life, family setup and social ethics must pull them from committing that mistake''

But the rishis out of ignorance and ego were not ready to accept that and they don’t like to allow that awareness within them and stood against it. They send many demons and animals which were the depiction of self-ego and finally come the hill like elephant.

The elephant swallowed Shiva and Shiva made the elephant to suffer from extreme heat and temperature. This is the transformation context in the mind. So immediately the elephant took dip in a pond called ''PANCHA BHRAMA THEERTHAM'' - 5 forms of natural elements. The ego [elephant] transforms in all 5 levels and immediately Shiva tares the stomach of the animal and appears out and danced with the bliss of enlighten.

Parvathy will be looked with anger by Shiva and she is scared to come near the show. This says that Parvathy - our self before taming the wild ego with the husband Shiva - awareness cannot try to relish the life.

In Indian legends elephant is the symbol of intelligence but this legend says that the same intelligence also becomes an ego which has to be tamed with so called Shiva – the awareness.

The beauty and decoding of the icon is able to see my own transformations. So idols are not superficial figures. They convey many spiritual concepts.

Example: Shiva's drum - sound energy and timing for awareness

His hand holding the fire depicts the light energy and the transformation element - wisdom

His Sword is the symbol of slaying the unwanted actions and thoughts with intellect.

Let you also share many such experiences and your thoughts are welcomed.

With regards
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