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MNLS technique for Free Bowel Movement 11 years 9 months ago #953

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Free Bowel Movement

Most of them feel reluctant to talk about this concept of Free bowel movement or Easier technique to clean our intestines. As far as my knowledge Dr.Manthena satyanarayana raju is the only person who has discussed in depth on this subject and explained its importance.84 lakh species in this God’s creation are able to ablate daily without any constipation problems but we humans are facing this problem and spend hours inside the rest rooms reading newspapers or talking over cell phones to accomplish this task.

Usually a normal person in this modern world passes his stool only once a day but as per Dr.Manthena satyanarayana raju the number of stools per day should be equal to the number of times he takes his food.

Three ablutions a day facilitate complete emptying of large intestine the same day

1.First one occurs after taking the first installment of 1.5 liters of Water on an empty stomach in the morning. Here the Waste of the previous day’s Lunch is cleared.
2.Second one occurs after the second installment of 1 liter water taken after our Pranayam, Yoga and Meditation. In this step the previous day’s Evening dinner is emptied from the intestine.
3.Third ablution happens after the intake of evening installment of 1 liter water where the waste formed from the Breakfast is cleared.

This way when we have 3 stools per day, it will keep our bowels clean and there is no chance for the growth of the unwanted microorganisms in our intestines.

In this kind of clean digestive system when we provide natural whole foods like Vegetables, Fruits, Whole grain cereals and Curd to our body, the number of healthy Bacteria in the intestines grows automatically and there is tremendous increase in our resistance power.

Some of the hurdles for free bowel movement

1. Non-fibrous food
2. Inadequate intake of water
3. Consuming insufficient food
4. Lack of concentration
5. Tensions
6. Lack of physical exercise

10 Tips for Free Bowel Movement

1.Our daily food should consist at least 50-60 per cent of uncooked food.

2.If one desires a smooth change from constipation to happy bowel movement one has to remove all the six hurdles mentioned above.

3.If one has to get rid of constipation forever then he has to drink 5-6 liters of water daily.

4.Three ablutions a day facilitate complete emptying of large intestine the same day without storing feces in it.

5.Better enter the toilet only when there is great urgency to ablate and only when nerves loosen their grip on intestines not vice versa.

6.Take any food only after 25-30 minutes of taking water.

7.In the afternoon between 4-4.30 take a glass of juices of orange, citrus fruit, pomegranate or any other fruit.

8.Enema is the only way to clean the intestines without any side effects.People who suffer from Constipation are required to go for enema in the morning and should eat fruits like papaya, pomegranate, clustered apple, mango, dates etc. for breakfast. They are easily digestible, generate hunger and move freely down the intestines.

9.Fasting with Lemon and honey water without intake of any kind of solid foods is the only way to clean and repair the intestines.

10.Yogasanas help free bowel movement in the intestines.

Body always tries its best to purge useless product before it harms its system. As long as we support it do its duty and provide it with whatever it requires we remain healthy and happy.

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