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God's Exsistance.
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Why is Brahma's creation materialistic? 8 years 2 weeks ago #1363

Yesterday in a discussion about TIME. A 9 year old girl asked the below question.

"we claim that vishnu is spiritual, the umblical area is spiritual, the lotus stem coming out of the umblical area is spiritual, the lotus which comes out of the stem is spiritual, brahma who sits on the lotus flower is spiritual, BUT why is that the things which Brahma creates we call materialistic?"

After this question lot of discussion happened inside and when it was connected to ones own self, it is amazing to understand what is that really happening.

Any thoughts to this girls question?

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Why is Brahma's creation materialistic? 8 years 1 week ago #1372


My thoughts on this question would be-

What we are learning from our scriptures is “Nothing is materialistic and everything is Spiritual or the One Consciousness”.
The more we are recognizing and identifying the objects with their individuality the more materialistic it is conceptualized in our Mind.

So Energy or Matter or Padaartham which is appearing as Materialistic has to be understood going to the root of the existence of this matter i.e. Yathartham or the Reality. It is all in the perception of the Mind.

Please also explain what amazing thing you understood while connecting to ones own self.

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Why is Brahma's creation materialistic? 8 years 1 week ago #1378


Your understanding is correct. I'm looking at the pattern and connecting to what is happening in us and I don't see any difference what is depicted in Vishnu and what is happening inside an individual.

In this vishnu depiction, till the lotus flower everything seems normal, but there is a nature to this lotus flower (Fragrance or Vasana). Because of this the lotus flower creates itself a Brahma who sits on the lotus flower (Not an integral part, Brahma is a separate part of lotus). Here we can clearly see who an individual is.

The individual I is the lotus flower
The Individual is an integral part of the ONE (Here Vishnu)
The mind which is created based on the nature of I is Brahma

While these thoughts were going in, I was interfered by another person and started explaining me about Vaishnav philosophy, I was thinking why all of a sudden this person is explaining this philosophy.

Then went through in detail with him the aspects and saw the Vishnu which was depicted as lying in Anantha and having Brahma is just a part of an universe which was created by Maha Vishnu who lay on just the space and starts creating numerous universe when he breaths out and when he breaths in every universe gets absorbed inside him. Every universe created by this Maha Vishnu has another vishnu who lay on the anantha form.

Once again here there is the same pattern which I see,

The Maha Vishnu who is suppose to be the direct expansion of Consciousness creates numerous universe which has it's own Vishnu, Anantha, Brahma, Lakshmi, Shiva etc.,

These numerous universe is nothing but the thoughts arise out of one. Each thought has a nature, and intelligence and starts creating it's own universe (Vishnu creating Lotus and Brahma) and inside this universe the Brahma creates another universe based on the lotus fragrance or vasana.

So we can see when we connect ourselves with the above pattern we can see in which universe we as an individual are now and and where we are suppose to be.

I asked my friend couple of questions which we are going to discuss this weekend.

1. What happens during the pause of breathing in and out of Maha Vishnu?

2. Why does Maha vishnu need to create this numerous universe, can he control the number of universe he creates?

3. Who gave the nature to Maha Vishnu to create these numerous universe.

I don't know if I mention this very clearly. Please let me know if I need to rewrite them.

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Why is Brahma's creation materialistic? 8 years 1 week ago #1383


That's interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Instead of Sri Mahavishnu, if we assume Godess Adi parashakti from whom Lord Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva came, What would be the understanding?

I would also be waiting for the answers of your discussion, please update.

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