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God's Exsistance.
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kundalini sakti and kriya yoga 11 years 1 week ago #1475

Greetings sir/madam

I have read a few books on yoga and self awareness.What is the best way to achieve self awareness and attain anatha johti?

Some mention that by doin yoga, purification of nadis take place which in turn prepare ourself to realise god. Some book says that by practising kriya yoga we are able to open up kundalini sakti and that in turn will open up Sahasrara Chakra which will unite us with the creator?

I am so confused. I am married with 2 children. How can i attain oneness with god and meantime maintain my family life. Please guide me madam./sir?

thank you

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kundalini sakti and kriya yoga 11 years 5 days ago #1479

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Dear Munic,
The confusion happens to everyone when we interpret the words like God, Yoga, Self, Moksha Kundalini etc. Nobody's interpretation at the same time is wrong. Then how can two contradicting views be correct?. It is simple, the views are correct for the person who is interpreting it and not for another person. But Truth is beyond all that we can interpret. To make this simple, we have given the five views and the way to know Truth .

In summary, the word Self, is interpreted in five ways. A person may say "I am the self" and point to his physical body. Another may point to his likes and dislikes filled mind, yet another may identify it to his logical intellect. Very few identify to the Self-awareness that enlivens our body, mind and intelligence as the Self. Very very few identifies that Self to the only "One", that is the forms and formless.

All Yoga, purification, Kundalini are only to identify the Self. There are many ways , but all of them finally leads to one. Some ways are efficient ways and some takes time and hard to understand and practice.

Family life is not a hindrance to God-Realization. One could live as Consciousness and Energy, the duality of the One-ness and realize in one's life time. But the Ego could trick in several instances and with vigilance, one could attain the goal.

Through Uni5 system we help everyone to understand, everything exists in five levels. Yoga is also at five levels. If you want we could discuss that. Kundalini or chakra is also at five levels.Which level one wants to identify, is one's own choice and , one gets that level of benefit. These are seen in four levels.

Truth is realized which is not biased, no identification and has no loss and gains. The fifth is not a level, but for conversation, we view it as a level.

May be your questions could help us to discuss and understand this better.

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kundalini sakti and kriya yoga 11 years 4 days ago #1481

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your explanation. May i know all the 5 level in detail sir/madam? I would like to know more about god and try to attain self realization.

thank you sir/madam

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kundalini sakti and kriya yoga 11 years 4 days ago #1484

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Dear Munic,
First understand we all have different views of the same thing. If you can understand with which view you are looking at God or life, then you will know what you are searching for and get your vision according to your goal.

You create and awareness within you or witness in which of these levels have your placed yourself. No judgements about yourself, but a simple observation. This includes your view about every action you do in life. If you want you may share your views here. This exercise will deepen your awareness. It is an amazing Self-transformation exercise, which requires no extra time or money.

So please read the content in this link and we go from there.

Five level views

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kundalini sakti and kriya yoga 11 years 2 days ago #1485


Thanks for bringing the question.

All the information about yoga in scriptures are true. There are different type of yogas recommended for self realization. But the self realization is the same even though the yogas may be different.

Your question has few answers hidden in them.

To start with, the term YOGA means to "TO JOIN" / "TO UNITE" etc., but the question is TO JOIN WHAT?! TO UNITE WHAT?! This what is the debatable topic under various understanding. Since you have mentioned about GOD, let us replace the term WHAT with GOD. So YOGA is performed to "TO JOIN with GOD" / "TO UNITE WITH GOD"

You mentioned yoga helps to purification of nadis. Here Nadis need to be understood as knots or obstacles which preventing an individual to evolve.

Any action performed with connection to GOD becomes YOGA. It can be eating, working, playing, singing etc.,

For example when you eat, perform this action as such the food which you are put inside the body is offered to god. Since god is everywhere, god is also in the body, so the food which is offered to god becomes prasad. When eating is performed in this mode of thinking, it becomes a yoga. When this kind of actions are performed in everything, you declutch yourselves from the action and see that you are not doing anything for yourselves, you are performing everything for god.

If family activities are performed in this same mode, it also becomes a yoga. Since god is present in everywhere, god is present in your wife and children. So when you perform action towards the family, consider it as doing a service to the god. Let us call this FAMILY YOGA :) Then there will be no family issues to be handled.

But in order to perform the above actions (yoga) the basic need is TRUST. To gain the trust the basic need is KNOWLEDGE. Since you want to realize GOD, you need two things

2. TRUST ABOUT GOD (Which will be the result of the knowledge gained)

After gaining the knowledge it is easy to overcome the obstacles (purifying the nadis). But gaining knowledge is just half way, application is what makes it complete (actions to unite/join). Like knowing alphabets is not alone is enough, using them to make words makes it complete.

So start with seeking knowledge of god, then start practicing that knowledge in family and society. Then you can become a yogi :)

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kundalini sakti and kriya yoga 11 years 20 hours ago #1492

Thank you for your comment sir. Like you have mention start seeking the knowledge about god, where do i start from sir? Can you suggest any books or online site which i can read to know more about God ?

thank you sir

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