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God's Exsistance.
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Why is Arathi light shown to a diety? 10 years 2 weeks ago #301

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Children ask this question often - Where is God and why it is not possible to see God.
Answer - if we look everything connected to everything as a whole unit God appears before us. If we look at forms in isolation, without any connection God vanishes away.

This photo was shown and asked what is seen. They said they see a tree, two houses and a person wearing hat looking at the houses.

They were then asked to look at the above picture without any pre-concieved notions, without looking for names and forms of things, but look as a whole, they said they can see an old man.

This old man is like God. When there is no tree and house inj the perception, the Old man like God appears before us. But when the vision is at trees and houses, the God like old man vanishes. This is why in Sanathana Dharma tradition of India, all manifestations are called as Maya-Sakthi (measured in forms) and the wholeness is called Para-Brahmam -Awareness (God). People have wrongly understood the word Maya as illusion and not the real meaning as measured in isolation.

Giving children the vision of looking at wholeness is spirituality. As part of Uni5 education we tell children, God appears in front of those who has a unifying vision of wholeness and God vanishes when "Unified Vision is lost".

Read this about Does God Exist?

What to do in Arathi time?.

Next time when you visit a temple, remind children that the ritual of Arathi, showing light to God’s form, is the unifying vision of Awareness. It involves the circulating of an 'Aarti plate' or 'Aarti lamp' around a deity . After that the lamp is brought in front of devotees. They cup their down-turned hands over the flame and then raise their palms to their eyes. This is to remind us that we need this light of Unified-Awareness to know God which is the divine blessing we can receive.

At this juncture, every time deepen your thought (sankalpa) to treat everyone equal and feel everyone is one and important. This will help to get the Unified vision.

This is similar to looking at the cells and losing the vision of a human being. When we look at a human being, the vision of individual cells are lost. We all should know that we are all cells in one Cosmic body, which is God.

Read further about what to do in a temple?
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Re: Why is Arathi light shown to a diety? 9 years 11 months ago #355

Thanks for the information.What do we do of the deities at home, when we go out of station? Do we just close the pooja room or take the deities along with us? how do we serve god in our absence?

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Re: Why is Arathi light shown to a diety? 9 years 11 months ago #371

What do we achieve by keeping deities or having a pooja room at home?

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