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God's Exsistance.
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Who created Evil? 10 years 9 months ago #42

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Good and Evil
One of the logical question which religious people find difficult to answer is about the creation of Evil. If God is almighty or all-powerful , how can there be evil?. God could not have created evil , then what is the source for evil?. If God is in full control of everything in this Universe, then where did God lose the power when Evil arose?
Why then all religions fight demon, Satan, or bad spirits?

All these questions are difficult to be answered from the religious point of view because of the religious view that God is a person.

From the spiritual point of view, Consciousness is not a person, but itself becomes creation (Energy which evolves as material objects in universe). When Energy in the form of object is far away from Consciousness, then evil will naturally form. Consciousness however is not responsible for creation of evil and at the same time, without Consciousness evil cannot also be created.

This can be easily understood, by looking at objects in front of light. When an object is away from the light, shadow is formed. The light and object cannot be blamed for the creation of the shadow, at the same time, without the light and object, shadow also cannot be formed. It is the position of the object with respect to the light that determines the creation or the length of the shadow.

If we are at the body level, far away from Consciousness, shadow of evil ego is automatically created. Stronger the body identification ( farther the distance from the Consciousness), longer is the length of evil ego. But when we move through the mind level to the intelligence level, we see the shadow of evil ego grow smaller and smaller. At the Awareness level, the evil ego shadow is very very less.

Evil and good are our own creation and nothing to do with the light or God. Light is not affected by the shadow. It is the object that complains about its long or short shadow. It is the object that has to move towards the light to get rid of shadow. Light gains or loses nothing by the shadow, nor the position of the object.

Same way God or Consciousness, has no problem with evil or bad. It is we human beings who are concerned with the consequences of evil Ego. God like the Consciousness light, gives no reward or punishment to anyone. The position of the object with and without shadow, itself the reward and punishment.

Judgement day, Swarga Naraka, heaven and hell are only words to help evolving minds to understand the higher concepts. These are different states when we occupy relative to the Go-Consciousness state.

Understand that we make our own choice for a happy life or sorrow filled state. God or Consciousness shines always the light of intelligence, eternally.

Note to parents: Let children understand that everything is only God-Consciousness, but evil happens when we forget it and feel Ego (Individual self beyond control). Instead of giving statement of Truth, ask children questions and make them think. Make them come out with the answer that strong likes and dislikes that de-harmonize the family or school functioning, creates problems. Tell them this is the case with adults also.

Everything is good when used for common good (love) rather than the strong likes and dislikes of the individual self. It doesn’t mean, one should not what they like. Let them do with Awareness that actions also has common good too.
Everything is only God, but it is our choice how to use the God’s Energy.
Example, God’s energy is like knife. The knife can be used to cut apples and give to a friend with love. The same knife out of dislike can be used to harm a friend also. So there is no problem with knife, it is not evil, it is how we are using it.
Evil comes when someone thinks too much of their own likes and dislikes. Good comes when some one thinks common good for everyone.
Demons: So Demons are not created by God. Demons are shadows created by our own position in respect to light of Consciousness.

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Re: Who created Evil? 10 years 6 months ago #352

Nice explanation.

Few clarifications needed to answer ourselves and the children

1. When the object is with Consciousness then there is no object. Is the understanding correct?

2. If a object to be present it should have been slightly near or far from Consciousness, so who created this object and who kept it near or far?

3. After keeping the object near or far. What makes the object to move near or far?

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Re: Who created Evil? 10 years 6 months ago #354

1. Yes, there is no object over there. It is our consciousness/energy level in the form of object that is depicted there.

2.If we are or merely our thinking is at body level then we will be far from consciousness and if we cross all these body, mind,intelligence and awareness levels we will be close to consciousness and become one with it.

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Re: Who created Evil? 10 years 6 months ago #356

@Neelima - Yes I understand your second point that when our thinking are at body level, we will be far from Consciousness.

But my question was "Who made that first thought, so that the object was created?"

If we get an answer to this question, then we can get the answer for the 3rd question 'What makes the object to move near and far from Consciousness?"

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Re: Who created Evil? 10 years 6 months ago #358

The creator, raw material and the final product or object, every thing is created by the Supreme Consciousness just like Spider creating its own spider web (where the creator, created and raw material are the same) and finally it ends itself in the same spider web showing everything finally dissolving in the absolute Consciousness.

Everything is SAL(Self awareness life force energy) Energy that manifests as our Body, Mind, Intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness.You may go through this article in detail.


Depending on the awareness level of that particular object it is moved towards or away from consciousness and face the consequences accordingly.

Hope this clarifies your doubt..

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Re: Who created Evil? 10 years 6 months ago #359

@ Neelima - Nice Spider analogy.

So can I say

1. The consciousness becomes object and awareness (Like Spider created the thread and web).

2. The object was placed near or far by the consciousness (Like Spider places itself either at the center or the outer of web).

3. Then the consciousness moves near or far (Like Spider moves in and out of the web)

If this is the case, what is the function of the object and awareness (Thread and web)? It doesn't have any function by itself, it is just a tool used by Consciousness (Spider).

So why do we (spider's web) cry when Consciousness (Spider) use us as tool? First of all, do we (Spider's web) cry or not?

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