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God's Exsistance.
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Is God like ATM Machine 10 years 8 months ago #480

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Is God an ATM Machine.

Most of the religious people have an attitude towards God similar to an ATM machine. Pray and get what they wish, especially when they are sick, poor or unhappy.

Is GOD an ATM machine, where you put the prayer card and get or withdraw what you wish?.

The reality is that in all religions, whether it is christianity, or Islam or Hinduism, or judaism, or Sikhism, Buddhism or Jainism, both extremes of people of

Rich and poor
Healthy and sick
Happy and depressed
Selfish and selfless natured people
Rational and irrational belief people


So how can one say one religion in superior to another?. What is the purpose adhering to any particular religion?
Religion is needed for mind transformation and mind transformation brings peace of mind and happiness. Prayer is a positive statement for the transformation of the mind.

What should be an ideal prayer. To mature the mind to do right actions at the right time. Doing right actions at right time in Sanskrit is called Dharma, which Buddha very much insisted.

Most of the problems we face in life is caused by avoiding right actions at the right time. Example, if some body has poor health, the cause is due to avoiding right food at the the needed time. When fallen sick, then a prayer asking for good health does not make sense. Instead every day prayer should be to give the intelligence to eat right food at the right time. This is how really prayer works.

Similarly financial problems, marital problems, relationships problems, all results by avoiding right actions at right time.

What is the cause for avoiding right actions at right time?. It is simply giving more importance to the like and dislikes of the mind. Nature of mind is to do actions as it wishes at its own decisive time. Nature of the mind is also to change. Conflicts with others comes as a result of resistance to change, though it might be for our own good. Mind does not like to foresee that benefit. Intelligence is a pattern logically prompts to do actions at right time. Hence strengthening intelligence (knowledge to do right actions at right time) is the best benefit says Gayathri Mantra in the Vedic tradition.

Question: Some Scientific studies prove prayer causes wellness and speeds recovery from illness. How does that work?. Yes prayer does work. Prayer statement also can help to dissipate energy in the health-energy mode to others. (see SAL Energy for details). This is loaned Energy.

Where is God in this whole picture of prayer and Energy?. If it is a matter of Energy transactions, then does it proove that God does not exists?

No God does exists, but not as we believe to be as a person, but as intelligence, which scientists call as Cosmic laws that govern the universe.

Does that mean that Science has understood God?. No. Scientists have clearly understood intelligence, but are progressing in the direction of realizing that Awareness and Consciousness, which is more than a brain functionality to a greater phenomenon behind the creation of Universe. The tantalizing part is that the phenomenon behind creation of Universe, is also the phenomenon of brain function in reasoning and in emotional experiences.

Only those who clearly understands the clear golden margin of this phenomenon in the physical material and the Self-connecting spiritual realm, has understood God. These are the men and women irrespective of their religious or scientific background. For others God exists as a person behind the clouds or as cosmic laws. This understanding is spirituality different from atheism, religions and science. Click here for the different view of God .

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Re: Is God like ATM Machine 10 years 8 months ago #483

GOD is definitely an ATM machine.

We all have our individual debit card with the brand "PRAYER", but the ATM machine will give money only if we have money in our account, else we need to return empty handed.

But the most ignorant part is using the ATM machine without even knowing whether we have money in our account or not. And getting upset that the ATM is not giving money and thinking that there is some problem with the ATM machine.

All we need to do is, check our account before going to ATM machine, else at least when we are at ATM machine (temple) check the account balance before withdrawing, else there might be disappointment waiting at the ATM machine.

So GOD is just a tool which can give you from what you have already saved. This tool can't generate something and give it to you which you didn't save. Just imagine, if it can do it, then that machine will have the highest demand and eventually get obsolete.

So who owns the ATM machine? - The bank
What is more important for the banks to exist? - Deposits
Who deposits? - Customers
Who are the customers? - You

Don't get engrossed with the analogy, connect it with the topic.

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