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God's Exsistance.
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Decorating Idol 10 years 3 months ago #542

Why do we decorate idol in temple, puja room etc ?

The idols which are sold in shops are not decorated, but when we get them into temple and puja room, it is getting decorated with cloth, ornaments, flower etc., Why?

Every idol which are made by an artist already has the cloth and ornaments carved in stone, metals or what ever the material used. Then why is the decorating happens again in temple, home and other places?

An excellent message of mentioning body and other decorative items are made of the same 5 elements is conveyed by carving the body, cloth, ornaments, flower in the same material. But this basic message is covered by make up items.

Whenever people goes infront of idol, which is the most attractive part? My observation is, most of them look at the idols face area. But is this what to be seen in the idol? Idols are designed by acharyas to convey so many messages. But what happens now is the message are covered by cloth, ornaments, flowers etc., Is this the right way to learn from the idols?

Idols never stop conveying message, but we stop this communication to satisfy the sight sense.

Idols / Images are the best way to communicate message without language barrier. But idols/images need to be observed in total to enjoy the messages. But most of the time the only part which people admire is the face because that is the only area which is exposed in the idol. If people can get so much bliss just by seeing the face, imagine how much bliss can be experienced if they are exposed to the other messages through out the image/idol.

Any thoughts????

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Re: Decorating Idol 10 years 3 months ago #545

I dont understand what idolas face communicate?. Can you explain.

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Re: Decorating Idol 10 years 3 months ago #754


A simple example

When a picture of an individual's face alone and a picture of hand alone are shown to a person. The person usually says

1. The face picture - It ME, or MY face or MY friend or MY dad or MY mother etc.,
2. The hand picture - It's a hand.

Here we can see the picture with face always identifies a character and there comes the EGO (Thoughts like MINE, MY, ME, I etc.,). This is what happens in idols also just by always seeing the face, people become more engrossed with the name than message. This will lead to fanatic character.

People who wants action (mixture of happy and sorrow) will prefer face, but doesn't give more importance.

People who doesn't want anything (happy and sorrow) would not prefer face.

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