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Children Piles constipation problems 5 years 3 months ago #2122

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Question - my 4 year old gets bowel movements (BM) atleast twice a day and they look study and easy but his eyes wells up at times as if he is straining. There is also a lump like feeling around his anus which goes away after the BM. He eats a very clean diet with wholefoods, vegetables and lots of water. What can be the underlying issue Sir?

Uni5 answer - "This could be the beginning of piles not just in kids but also in adults. We need to have a holistic approach to understand this.
The main reason behind this is gut bacteria. That's why in uni5 we do cleansing with castor oil. With that you will see some difference but its going to be a process, like how working out just a day cannot make you a fit person or going to office for a day cannot guarentee you a salary.
Castor oil plays a very important role. I will share a story here - my nurse friend called me urgently one day with a concern. Her kid accidentally swallowed a marble. The mother was worried and wanted to take the kid to ER. I told them not to worry because the kid was acting just fine and not choking or struggling to breathe.
I advised them to do castor oil cleansing and look out for the marble in the poop everyday.
She called me back a week later to tell me her experience. Initially, being a nurse, she was reluctant to do castor oil cleansing. She wanted to try high fiber diet with lots of vegetables and fruits. The kid was pooping regularly but there was no sign of marble. Then she did water therapy but still no success. Finally she did castor oil cleansing on the 5 night and on 6th day morning the marble came out in the poop. It was extremely surprising for her to see this .
Every issue we face today and every health concern we have is not due to just one factor. There are several factors. That's why we have the uni5 where all the factors come under 5 main categories. When all the 5 are done correctly, most of our concerns and issues can be solved."

Logically we think everything we put in our mouth will come out. Some times more than logic, there are things that we dont understand. This is one example that something like a marble may not come out of our gut and agents like castor oil is a must. This beyond logic is what we call as Awareness level.

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