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Castor Oil and Water Therapy for children 8 years 3 weeks ago #2040

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Can you explain to me please about the process of water therapy.
Please click for all details

What is the amount of castor oil need to given to a 5 - 6 years old child.

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Castor Oil and Water Therapy for children 7 years 3 months ago #2077

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A friend (Nurse) of mine had a child with frequent cough and cold and I adviced to give castor oil for cleansing. As she was a nurse she feared it and argued with me that anything we eat will go through stools and so these cleansing were not scientific.

One day she called me in panic saying that the child had swallowed a glass marble (pebble) accidentally and asked should she go to doctor. I said, if the child is not chocked and is fine , it was not needed. She said the child is still playing fine. I told her to give castor in the night so that it will pass through stools and will not black in the intestines because our intestines are pretty elastic. But if you are scared you make take to doctor.

After 10 days she revealed a secret. She did not give castor oil thinking it is harmful and instead gave a lot of water to drink so that the marble stone will pass through stools the next day in potty. Every morning she examined the stools and did not find the marble.

After a week worried, she gave a spoon of castor oil in the night and next day morning she saw the marble in the potty.

She immediately called me and told that the marble came out and confessed me the greatness of castor oil. She understood that anything that wont come out naturally will come out through castor oil and understood importance of castor oil cleansing.

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