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Why best to use organic herbs and not extracts in pills forms? 7 years 4 months ago #2035

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What is the logic behind using organically grown herbs and also avoid chemicals from herbal extract?.

There are several research documents showing that organic fruits, vegetables , herbs have more medicinal content.

It is logic that these herbal plants produce medicinal compounds for them to protect from disease causing microbes, insects and other pest.

When we take these herbs, these chemicals also does the same benefit against disease causing organisms.

However when foods are sprayed with pesticides, the plants think there are no enemies around and so produce very little of these medicinal compounds.

Like a country that does not have any enemy threat will not invest on military. Same way are food and medicinal crops have low medical and nutritive value. More diseases popped up in human beings after we started taking non-organic foods. We also then have toxicity of these pesticides damaging our cells on top of that, like damaging the insects cells.

The herbs contain many medicinal chemical compounds. IN Ayurveda we dont extract anything. It is western knowledge to purify herbal chemical compounds.
When extracted all other good things to balance our body are lost and that imbalance is called side effect. Example, if you eat grapes, you get glucose sugar along with other fiber and minerals that the body needs to metabolize glucose.

From grapes, if you extract glucose and eat the glucose, then all the minerals, nutrients are lost and it will shoot up glucose level in body causing diabetes. We have to understand diabetes like diseases come because , if we provide only glucose but not the accessories like vitamins and minerals to metabolize the glucose. Metabolism means, the body uses enzymes to get energy from glucose, which needs vitamins and minerals If we eat only pure glucose then body will pull nutrients from blood, bones, and other tissues and that is how body develops several diseases by eating pure glucose. For immediate energy need glucose is good but in long term it brings bad side effects.

So avoid non-organic food and herbal extracts, because it does harm more than short term benefit.

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