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Tips to buy Healthy Milk 8 years 4 months ago #2044

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This is the essence of the Monthly Food Awareness Talked to St Louis group- Feb 8th 2016.

As a customer, make a call to the diary farm to ensure the health quality of milk, by enquiring these facts.

1.Organic VS Non-organic Milk

Non-organic milk cows may be fed with meat, cow blood itself along with grains and seeds like soy, corn and barley that are sprayed with toxic pesticides and herbicides. All these are concentrated by cow's body and secreted into milk, which then enters human body.

Very shocking is even the addition of deep-oil fried toxic residues in cattle feed. See details here .

Organic milk cows may not be fed the above. Organic milk from grass fed cow is the best.

2. Artificial growth hormone injected to boost milk production: Make sure that the cow is not injected with hormones, which will cause impact in your health too.

3. Milk in Plastic container VS glass container

Plastic container may leach several petro-based chemicals into milk. Since milk contains fat, they tend to dissolve many fat-soluble toxins from plastic containers affecting human health. So prefer milk in glass containers.

4. A1 or A2 milk
Human milk, goat milk and Indian/African breed of cows milk , all have A2 beta-casein protein in the milk. European/Western cow breeds ar having A1 milk supposed to account for increased allergies, diabetes heart disease etc. - See you might be drinking wrong milk .

5. Homogenized and Non-Homogenized milk

Homogenization of milk breaks down fat molecules and so will not rise to the top and form a layer of cream, so you dont need to shake the milk container before use. We recommend not to use it because it may change the absorption of fat in our intestines.
More about health aspects of homogenized milk.

How do I find the best organic brand of Milk in my grocery store?

Rating of Organic milk that you can get in your town .

Why to boil Milk?

After you buy the best milk, then The animal(Cow) hormones will be there in the cow milk. They are good for calf to take directly.

But for us, we do not need those hormones. To remove that, we need to boil the milk, not just heat it to kill some milk spoiling bacteria.

Pasteurization may kill some of the unwanted bacteria but not the cow hormones. See more details here.

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