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Sanskrit and English 9 years 10 months ago #1898

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(This is a reply to the introduction of Sanskrit in Indian Schools and its opposition to Modi's government, viewing it as an religious act, violating the policy of Secularism).

Every language has its own potential to produce an effect. Same way Sanskrit has a unique quality of producing an awareness effect in the brain. However awareness cannot be produced only just through language but also with an attitude in life.

That is why all Sanskrit speaking people are having high awareness and other language speaking also do have awareness like Sanskrit speaking people. We always look for efficiency and speed in the results of an action. All cars are good to travel, but some are designed with efficiency to have pickup speed.

Same way Sanskrit language does have an effect on increasing the higher awareness in us in an efficient manner. This higher awareness is to experience collectively Consciousness with our Self with the Cosmic Energy forces. Hence mantras has more effect in Sanskrit. But devotional (emotional) effect on Cosmic forces can be got easily with local languages like Tamil, Malaylalam, Hindi, Latin, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese ,English etc.

On the other hand English like languages has the quality of bringing more individuality in life. This means bringing down the awareness more to materialistic thinking (Body level) or individual pleasure seeking quality. This cannot be said as a wrong behavior if the individual desires. But for such a behavior we do see side effects in our personal and social levels. Example, English is making Indians more having an Individuality strengthening effect. Hence after English came to India, we have an effect of breaking the joint family to nuclear family, to enjoy individuality. This is why English is said to have the divide and rule attitude. But this does means that no English person has a generous or altruistic attitude. We cannot blame English language for our problems, of course our attitude is the cause for our current situations. But at the same time we cannot deny the effect of language effect on the outlook of life.

So all languages has to be respected for the unique quality it produces. Those who desire such qualities can use it. After all purpose of life is to be happy by fulfilling desires. But do we want to have to have an collective enjoyment in life or an individualistic enjoyment in life can be influenced to a greater extent with the language we speak.

Hence we strongly recommend to speak the language of the mother (Mother tongue) first and no harm in learning other foreign languages. A child not speaking its mother tongue will surely have an effect of altering its genetics of sound, that has been imprinted from many generations. So we strongly recommend parents to make children proficient in their mother tongue. Every parent should introduce a foreign language with the attitude of communication means with other people instead as a fashion object to show aristrocrazy.

It is very sad that all Indian movie stars who boast about the Indian songs and culture and also complain that current songs are not enriched like the old songs. This is because they speak English in award functions and other gatherings in American accent, exhibiting the superiority of it. They dont know that the innocent people are immitating the movie stars more than any person of wisdom and seriously detoriate our culture.

Culture is for bringing peace of mind . Losing culture we will bring destruction to our environment and our selves too in the long run. Language is the medium to deliver culture. American born Indians children cannot have Indian culture, just by eating idli sambhar, roti and wearing kurta and saree. Speaking their Indian mother tongue only can help them to get the Indian culture, because the sounds of the language expresses the hereditary traits.

Indian parents in USA are proud when their children speaks in American accent in young age, but they regret when the children in teenage adopt American culture. There is nothing wrong in American culture if the individual can accept it at all levels of life. All cultures including American culture has to be respected because it also has great values. However the ultimate aim or purpose is different in Bharath culture The Ancient Bharath culture is considered of high ideals because it makes human to unify human life with each and every being in the environment and the Cosmos. Other cultures have the aim to give importance to individual to ignore the environment or the Cosmos. That is vibrated in every single syllable of Sanskrit language.

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Sanskrit and English 9 years 10 months ago #1899

Wow, Ultimate Explanation!

Yes, I too strongly believe that Sanskrit has to be introduced in all the Indian schools to inculcate higher values of life in the Society.

Every shloka in Sanskrit language, in fact every word and letter of the language has a deep meaning immersed in it. The sounds themselves express the emotions. What a beautiful language it is!

Most useful and important concepts and practices essential for humanity like Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Astrology, Bhagavat geeta or Ramayana are all originally in Sanskrit language. Understanding these would help the individual to be a better citizen at all levels and would uplift the human values of righteousness, Integrity, Respect, Unity and Oneness naturally.

Having these values the society will be very much at peace without conflicts or unrighteous acts between individuals, states or any individualistic groups. We could very easily achieve a peace leading to happy and peaceful BHARAT. So, introduction of Sanskrit language is a need of the hour and every citizen of India must feel proud of this treasure.

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