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Doubt on Gita 7 years 10 months ago #2064

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Kindly explain and give proper answer to this debate using uni5 system

Ashcaryavath pashyathi kashichdenamashcharyavadvadathi thathaiva chanyaha Ashcaryavachchina manyaha shrunothi shruthvapyenam veda na chaiva kashchith.-Chapter-2 –slokh-29 Bagavadgeetha

There are "Five some one " in this (except one is not revealed). Actually it is the same one individual who undergoes the four stages. Each one of us, with physically sense, emotionally talk and self hear about it, but still cannot understand it. This is Samkhya yoga chapter of Gita , taught by Krishna.

Some -look -physically (you look with physical senses)
some speak - emotionally (you speak about it emotionally about it)
some hear - intelligently (The one that hear can appreciate the knowledge of it)
some- awareness (cannot understand it).
Some (Being) -Consciousness (only in this stage one "Is", That).

Shiva tells parvathi, that some physically dress-up like me (ash on forehead, rudraksha....kaavi vasthra .....feels they are me...
some emotionally sings bhajans and talks sweet and humble to others and feels they are me....
Some intelligently talks all saiva siddantha and feels they are me....
some does thapas, meditation and connects in their awareness and feels they are me....

Parvathi asks, then who does really become you?

Shiva speaks- only one who has forgotten his ego individually and works for others as the real Self is "Me".

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