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Important tips of learning children. 10 years 2 weeks ago #1864

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Important tips of learning children.
Throughout my school and college life I noticed some children had excellent memory skills. I found that they did two things in common according to ancient Indian memory tips. One is that they would revise before going to bed, the important hints of what they learned that day. Next is they woke up early morning before sunrise and revived one more time the hints. This gave them long lasting memory.

One of that tip of proved indirectly as

Why Sleep After Learning Enhances Memory

More such tips is found in this section of news , under education.


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Important tips of learning children. 9 years 7 months ago #1959

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How do one improve memory and recall info to excel in exam and life which will bring them to higher purpose? Does supplement like Brahmi,Gingko,Gold and etc enhance memory?

Excellent memory also needs five factors.
Body level - healthy brain cells and herbs do help it. But traditional Ayurveda physicians to make Brahmi like herbs potent by mixing and processing it in a unique way. Now very few have that knowledge. Just popping up pills will have only minimal effects.
Mind level - a relaxed and enjoying mind will improve memory. This is called as attention. we see movies only once, but because of the mind's relaxed and enjoying mood makes us good memory of each and every frame of the movie. we relax in sleep and so the research shown in this page proves before learning sleep can enhance memory to a certain extent.
Intelligence level- interacting or connecting to things will enhance memory. There are many tips. Example we remember to take a right turn, when somebody says there is a gas station near it.

I used to remember mitosis-cell division stages like this.

Awareness level: Chanting Mantras like Budha Mantra in front of lamp works good.

Consciousness level: Teaching or telling to others what you studied helps memory also. Swaadhyaya pravachanaabhyaam na pramadithavyam = Never deviate from learning and teaching.

Meditation to increase Self-Awareness also helps.

In ancient Bharat, the teacher would recite only one time the mantras and the disciple would get it in memory. This was because they employed all the five. That is how thousands of Vedic texts were passed on orally.

Now in this century we have hardly any memory to even remember of couple of phone numbers because, not only we do not do the above five, the food we eat is toxic and kills brain cells.

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