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Uni5 Old Age Parenting 8 years 1 month ago #2046

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We are now giving old-age parenting tips to people, how to take care of old parents, which is a bigger challenge than taking care of small children.
This challenge in India is sky rocketing due to many reasons. The prime cause is to the ignorance of one's own Self.

We just consider that we are just this material body,
which need to be decorated with branded clothes,
made comfortable with branded houses and cars
and a secured retirement plan and
painted with petro-chemiicals to hide aging
and could be loaded with any junk food and
health issues can be totally corrected by synthetic medicines made from petrochemicals.

Along with parenting children , every parent has to also mature their mind, which can cause havoc and give no peace of mind, inspite of all external comforts.

This can happen only if one grows up with spiritual knowledge (not religious), the greatest contribution of India to the world.

One could easily learn spirituality through two terms Uni5 and Selftual , both come from the Vedic heritage of the seers or Maharishi's of Bharath.

We are really a Life Energy phenomenon and like any other Energy law, we cannot be destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another.

In this light, life should be understood as a means to prepare for the future after life also. All the earnings need not be given to children or family members only also but also be shared with the bigger society also. Because one returns not the same family but to the bigger family-society. The future life depends on the merits chased in the form of prosperity or SAl Energy.

This was why the life was divided into stages like the life stages of a caterpillar to butterfly. see the ashrams .

Modern parents has to let go too much involved in the lives of married children and only be an aspect of guidance. The involvement in children irritates and creates the formation of nuclear families, creating more sadness in the life of parents.

In oldage, one should be in Sanyasa stage, which means to work for the bigger family, the society. Till retirement, we use the energy of the soceity and after retirment, one should pay back to the society or would return credited to the soceity to do bigger sacrifice to pay back.

We could still see many old parents do seva in temples like Srirangam, Trichy, Chidamabaram......and spend most of the time in temples leaving the house for the married children to take care of themselves.

The loss of value (purpose) based education and life, is the cause for all sorrows in life. The Uni5 schools give the right awareness to children who will create a better society.

(more will be posted soon).

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