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Questions on Nothingness/Emptiness 10 years 8 months ago #1771

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SELF doesn't suffers, there is only one SELF, it is OMNIPRESENT, OMNIPOTENT etc.,, and it is the "I" that suffers??? It completely contradicts the statement.

There is only one Self (Ocean) and many "I" waves or Ice cubes form in it. The Ocean Self does not suffer. The "I" waves or ice cubes will have suffering, if they feel they are different (individuals) from the Ocean.

As in Adi Sankaracharya's analogy, each "I" wave or ice cube will imagine something (lost from ocean) than the reality (still in one Self-ocean). This is what he meant through the snake and rope analogy, which means that the "I" individual when perceives duality will experience fear, limitations, life, death and suffering.

Summary: Self as the one single ocean has to suffering, the wave which feels duality suffers.

If an individual is living a life of actions for self-pleasures only (Sensorial pleasures), then naturally pain also comes as a package. Then the individual is caught in the duality of likes and dislikes, the brothers of Bhandausra, Visanga and Visukra or madhu and Kaitabha in Devi Mahatmayam.

Only when an Individual gives up fear, insecurity, likes , dislikes for the present and in future of the individual's personal life, will the individual experience the "One Self". Till then, the individual experience many Self's. For such an individual naturally the Contradiction of Single and Multi Self's will arise.

It is the individual who creates many individuals. It is the wave who creates the feeling of different waves for one-self. Like the student, who feels the limitations and creates the student (wave) and teacher (ocean). The ocean (teacher) has no desire to teach. The teacher has only empathy/compassion to embrace the waves.

However, teachers are also five types.

1. Body- Business- creating institutions and students to earn money.
2. Mind- creating students to earn fame, popularity.
3. Intelligence - find students and make them think to evolve towards Truth/knowledge.
4. Awareness - answers only to students who seeks a teacher.
5. Consciousness - Answering due to compassion/empathy

This concept was wrongly mis-understood and was taught o give up all pleasures in life and take "Monk-hood". In Vedic tradition there is no Sanyasa as "Monk-hood". Sanyasa means to accept both pleasures and pain as "One" Self-experience. That is to "Be" the ocean even when as a wave.

Conclusion: Only when one ceases to live as an individual, and live as one community Self, will one experience, Oneness (Advaita). Until then, one will experience this intellectual contradiction.

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Questions on Nothingness/Emptiness 10 years 8 months ago #1772

@ Muthu

In simple words, what I understand is there is One Consciousness.
There is a reflection of Consciousness which we feel as ‘I’ or our Awareness. This “I” feeling arises as we are wake and spreads to the Mind, Intelligence and spreads to even sense organs and all the body parts. Then we start identifying with our Body, Mind, intelligence and Awareness depending on the individual with which he is identifying with.

My view regarding the Creator and Creation.
For Example: Imagine a plain paper as Consciousness and then there is one dot that arises as ‘I’ the Awareness. Now this ‘I’ using its Body, Mind, Intelligence and Sense organs observes the external objects and creates many dots (Thoughts) as Wife, Husband, Wealth, beautiful, hatred, smart, status, pride etc and assumes that to be its world.

Here, when the ‘I’ is busy observing only other thoughts and engaged with all these dots all the time how can ‘I’ even think of the Consciousness which is its true nature. Though ‘I’ is that whole Consciousness it is just thinking that it is limited and just a dot.

So, here one dot, one thought of “I” is creating many other thoughts and the whole world for him. So the creation is created by none other than “I”. The problem and sufferings everything is for this “I” alone. When the identity as “I” is completely disappeared then what remains is only the “One Supreme Consciousness”

We say "I" is an illusion, so how can "I" sleep??? The actual sleeper is different...isn't it??...the "I" exist in the dream of the sleeper..

The Consciousness doesn’t sleep that is why we are aware of our Dream as well as the dreamless blissful deep sleep state when we are awake.
It is only the identification ‘I’ is lost because the “I” that is connected with the body, Sense organs, Mind and intelligence is disconnected during deep sleep.

While when the “I” is disconnected with only the Body and sense organs but still connected to the Mind and intelligence then it is Dream state.

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