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Ego, Self and 6th sense 9 years 3 months ago #2008

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Can you please explain me about
Ego, Self and 6th sense.

Let us say person "A" is watching a movie, which has more than 100 characters.

If he observe all the characters as they are and he does not identify with any of them, then he gets a full perspective of the movie and all its details (like reviewers). He enjoys all totality of the movie and experiences the joy and sufferings of the characters equally. He understands the cause and effect of all the characters actions and reactions.

However assume another person "B" watches the same movie, with total identification with only one character. This means he does look and listen to only one character's actions, movements and dialogues and ignores all the other character's. This person undergoes all the joys and sufferings of that one character.

It will be a mystery for person "B" and cannot understand why this character undergoes sufferings in life. In this "Single identification" to one character, he will not understand the movie's theme (plot) because he has become an identifier and forgot that he has come to watch a movie (watcher).

Then there is no enjoyment of watching a movie, it only becomes an sensorial experience of anxiety, frustration and suffering and brief joyful moments if that character experiences it.

Hence person's B will also experience an illusion that he is that character and not a movie watcher. He forgets himself and transforms into the character and also forgets that he is watching a movie. He misses the very purpose of going to enjoy watching the movie.

However for the person A who does not focus on one character enjoys the show while not identifying to any character but looks at the movie as a whole. So the observer can get all fine details of the movie,......like songs, dances, camera, photography, background scenes, lightings, sounds, costumes of the actors, the subtle gestures, their slang of language, their expressions etc etc.

This person gets a full satisfaction of watching and enjoying a movie.

How to name the person's A and B?

From Uni5 view, "A" is a person who is "Selftual" and person B is selfish.

From the Spiritual view, person A is called a "Self" realized person and person B is an "Ego" person. The illusionary experience of identifying to one character is known as Maya".

The ability (special Sense) to know these two type of people and change to the Selftual quality is known as 6th Sense. In Uni5 words we call it as Consciousness ("Con" is the root word to denote the combined or totality).

Putting that 6th Sense into practice (rather than understanding) makes one attain Moksha.

Source: Journey to the source Decoding Matrix Movies .

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Ego, Self and 6th sense 9 years 3 months ago #2009

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Where does the and EGO comes from genetic centre, previous birth or mix of both or as an effect(s) of causes(s) ..?

Ego is like a shadow

Ego is like drop of water evaporated from the ocean and continues as rain and flows like a river and until it merges with the ocean. Similarly, the Ego that is created, then continues birth after birth until the Self identity is lost.

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