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Meaning of Gayathri Mantra 8 years 10 months ago #2028

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What is the meaning of Gayathri Mantra, the king of all Mantras?

The ultimate objective of life is to inspire/connect/transform our Self Awareness (Individual being) to the radiating quality of consciousness to experience happiness in life.

Emotions (mind) are for converting Energy into happiness and not to make decisions. Intelligence is for making decisions. Unfortunately we use emotions to make intelligent decisions in life. It is like using lawyers to make decisions on health and approach doctors to make legal actions. This is one of the key aspect we make everyone to understand through Uni5. Therefore Gayathri mantra is a means to strengthen Awareness so that we use intelligence and mind at proper time and proper place.

This is the objective of chanting Gayathri Mantra (the tool to transform our Self-Awareness) and all other Gayathri's in the same Pattern.

Gayathri is initiated right before the Ego solidifies (before or at the age of eight) and continued till we attain Moksha, freedom from the "Five natured Being" to a single undivided, Divine Being.

"AUM Bhoor Bhuwah Swah, Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Pra-chodayaat!"

Meaning is as follows.

This is the most important mantra because the Sankalpa or objective of all rituals is to invoke that (Tat) worthy (Varaneeyam) Energy (Savitur), which we witness as physical Body (Bhoor), mind (Bhuva) and intelligence (Swaha), to inspire (prachodayat) our (Yo Nah) Awareness firmly to radiate (Bhargo) brightly (Devasya) by imbuing/meditating (Dheemahi) , in the form of Consciousness (Dhiyo)..

All the other Gaythri also has the same pattern. Example

AUM Kathyayanaaya Vidhmahe
Kanya Kumaari cha Dheemahe
Thanno Durgaaya Prachodayath.

With Awareness, I understand/invoke (Vidhmahe) that kathyayana who is daughter of Kathyayan, is imbibed/meditated (Dheemahe) as Kanyakumari by my Awareness so that it is always (Thanno) inspired (Prachodayath) by Consciousness, in the form of Durga.

This shift in witnessing the reality of life Energy, will make our life complete by freeing us from physical limitations, mental sorrows and ignorance and experience joy of being our Self.

Inspired Self-Awareness of a human being makes him solve life problems and worldly problems. An inspired individual becomes the most creative person in any field, whether he is a farmer, teacher, an artist, a scientist, Engineer, doctor, politician etc.

This is why in Bharath Tradition, the Gayathri is considered the King of all mantras and be chanted everyday to inspire the Self-Awareness of a human being.

This the the most powerful psychological medicine that cures depression, laziness and all negative tendencies of mind.

Look to the sun the illuminator and Energy source that we can perceive with our physical eyes and skin touch. Do this everyday when you take bath.

Reference Source:
Uni5 Navarathri-2015

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