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Moksha in Uni5 Science 8 years 1 month ago #2055

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Moksha- the Universal Stability.

Energy wants to be in a stable state. This is Moksha or liberation from instability.This means, One Energy that appears in many was yo become One for Energy stability.

Every possible reaction in chemistry is to attain stability. This means quarks (Subtlest Energy vibrating particle known now) all combine to form proton for higher Energy stability (sub-Atomic level).

The protons then combine with electrons and make an atom to gain electrical stability in a higher atomic level. (Through Physics we understand that the alignment of an electric dipole in an external electric field and in all other physical systems attains stability at the lowest energy state).

The atoms then combine to form molecules for attaining higher stability as molecules.

Molecules forms macro-molecules or polymers for energy stability in higher forms.

Macro-molecules then combine to form organelles for that level of stability.

Macro molecules then form cells for attaining Energy stability at Cellular form.

Many cells for tissues, then many tissues organs and then many organs systems to form a human Body.

From Human body, then can try to attain Energy stability at

1. the body level (hard to glue energy and prevent ageing)..
2. Mind level- loses energy in likes and dislkes and frustrations and hard to please.
3. Intelligence- no end to know patterns in everything...
4. Awareness- Consciousness----only here it unifies and attain the only one stable form.

Sourced from the book - Universal Selftual Energy Pattern -2016

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