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27 Jun 2012 03:21
If we look at our body , if the tongue tastes a bad food, the whole body suffers. can the liver say why should I suffer for the mistake tongue did. This is because we are all cells in cosmic body.

We will suffer bad karma for other's mistakes because we are all are connected nit at body level but at Awareness consciousness level. If a terrorist bombs, so many innocent people who are not connected with terrorism also is affected. This is why we all have to work for common good. If we want to have a good life, we all should work together. More selfless actions happens, world ia a heaven. if selfish actions takes more, then it is hell.

You are right , men and women do all the bad things due to lack of awareness. This is why are helping to promote right awareness of living.

why devi allows bad things to occur and is not intervening
? Devi is not a female sitting in a place in a red sari and controlling everyone. She is the Energy dwelling in all of us. When that Energy is at body level, then we see demonic actions, When it is at mind level, we do more emotional actions. When energy is at intelligence level, we do creative work. When it is at awareness level, we do actions to overcome karma.

So it is we who are soley responsible for happiness and suffering and no one else. No God other than our Awareness and Consciousness responsible for this creation, life and death.

Vishnu is the symbol of cosmic intelligence. This is why he is called Avatar. An avatar is at the executive officer level. see details in God and Constitution .

Hope now you understand who that calls God as a person, does not answer. But as Cosmic law, the Cosmic Energy reciprocates with its own laws.

The Nan Kadavul movie explains this very clearly.

When the blind (heroine?) girl is brutally beaten and disfigured by the villain, she asks the Hero the question, why none of the Christian , Muslim or Hindu Gods did not rescue her?. This statement gives an impression that the Movie tends to be atheistic by questioning the very basic belief of all religions that there exists a God that is protective and compassionate. If such a God exists, then why should many innocent people suffer and why not God save them?
Category: Right and Wrong
26 Oct 2011 22:05
God and Constitution
In our Uni5 method of teaching we help children to understand the concept of God with Constitution of a country. The Country is like the Universe and God is like the Constitution and Government. Let us take the example of USA. The country has two aspects Constitution and Government. Both refers to the same like the personality and functionality of an individual.

Can any one pin point where the Government of USA is?. One cannot say only in Washington DC only, because Government is everywhere in USA. every sand and space in USA is of the Government. At the same time it cannot be localized. Government is everywhere and everything.

Government systems where originally constructed in the Cosmic Energy pattern of the Five Universal patterns (Pancha Bhootas). The body represent the country, which was governed by three bodies
1. Legislative
2. Executive
3. Judiciary.

The Legislative is the akin to the mind has control on making the rules of the body,

The executive is akin to the intelligence system and

Awareness to the Judiciary system.

The executive system takes Avatar or be present on correcting executive measures. example the police and vigilance officers come under Executive officers. This is symbolized as Vishnu, who takes Avatars whenever the law is disobeyed.

Shiva and the planetary officers work under the judiciary system.

Constitution is the Consciousness of the the Country with the Government with the three functional bodies.

The philosophical aspect of God as being all loving and merciful takes into account of enforcing law and order. Awards and prizes are heaven and prison is the hell for the citizens of the country.

The Cosmic Constitution was structured and given in the Vedic Science of government. Kings ruled followed this constitution. It is thought that Bharath was the last demoratic king to rule the Bharaath. He gave the kingdom not to any of his seven sons, but the worthy adopted heir from the country.
Category: God
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