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Our Five Therapists

In this section we have information about ways to cure/ heal several diseases. There are some video clippings also in this section.

Click on the top links to find which disease symptom you have.

All sound recordings are here

In this section, we are suggesting the Five Elements Therapy (Pancha Bhoota) for commonly occurring diseases. To cope up with the high volume of letters we receive, we are giving the general treatment regimen here which will produce desired results that you are seeking. If your health condition is complicated you may write to us for Individual treat


ment suggestions. We will respond within a few days.



இருமலும், சோகையும், ஈளையும், வெப்பும்
தருமம் செய்யாதவர் தம்பாலது ஆகும்
உருமிடி, நாகம், உரோணி, கழலை
தருமம் செய்வார் பக்கல் தாழகிலாவே

- திருமந்திரம் 263 263: All Ailments come to you , if you fail to do Charity -Thirumandiram

Cough and cold, Anaemia, asthma and colic pain--

Such the lot of those who nothing in charity give;
Snake and thunder, sore throat and fleshly ills,
Approach not them that others' needs relieve.

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