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Depression and Dementia


 Five factors need to be addressed in the treatment of depression and dementia and memory loss. 


Earth Therapy:

Special/ Brahmi Lehyam


Brahmi                                            – Bacopa monnieri

Muthill                                           – Centella asiatica

Arutha                                           -  Ruta graveolens

Shanghu pushpi                          – Convolvulus pluricaulis


Dasha pushpa

Vishrukranti                             – Evolvulus alsinoides

Karuka                                          -Cynodon dactylon

Muyal cheviyam                         – Emilia sonchifolia

Thiruthali                                     – Ipomoea sepiaria

Cherula                                        – Aerva lanata

Nilappana                                   – Curculigo orchioides

Kayyonni                                     – Eclipta alba

Pooram kurunni                         – Cyanthillium cinereum

Mukkutti                                     – Biophytum sensitivum

Uxhinja                                        – Cardiospermum halicacabum


Other Ingredients


Dried ginger                               – Zingiber officinale

Black Pepper                              – Piper nigrum

Thippali                                       – Piper longum

Koova                                          – Curcuma angustifolia

Vayambu                                    – Acorus calamus

Kacholam                                   – Kaempferia galanga


Special Brahmi lehyam

                        The brain booster  Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) is a well-known Ayurvedic herb rich in so many biochemical compounds. Apart from being a good memory enhancer, it improves blood circulation, cures Arthritis, IBS ( Irritable bowel syndrome), mental fatigue, lung-liver-kidney disorders.  The Brahmi lehiyam is unique among the many forms of Brahmi products available in the market because of its special preparation.  First Brahmi ghrita is made using Brahmi, Muthill, Arutha, Shank pushpi, and Dasa pushpas. The herbs are collected by an expert naturalist who can identify authentic herbs with the highest medicinal value, clean them thoroughly, and extract them with Pure Indian breed Cow ghee (cows without any cross breed which hardly 650 – 750 ml milk per day).

This ghrita is recommended in managing various psychological disorders but may not be palatable to everyone, especially kids. So, to enhance its palatability and potency to 10 times, special Brahmi lehiyam is prepared from Brahmi ghrita with thirikadugu (dried Ginger, Black pepper, Thippali ), Koova, vayambu, kacholam, and coconut jaggery in powdered form. This mix is stirred well in a low flame a chocolate-colored lickable form is obtained. This special lehiyam can be used without any age restriction and can cure memory loss, insomnia, lethargy and enhance memory, mental vigor, speaking, and learning skills especially those with Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Autism, and Dementia. This may also help Alzheimer's, Parkinson's', schizophrenia-like neurodegenerative diseases, and psychiatric illnesses if taken with other medications.

Vaidyar Sreenivasan discovered the magical power of this herbal preparation in the patients and so maintains the tradition by meticulously using only 100 % natural ingredients and traditional vessels for the preparation. This makes the product bit expensive but stands high in its phytochemical and medicinal value top in the market.

 Nasya - Nasya (nasal drop from ysa market ) which is effective for depression and sleeping problems. Three drops of Nasya can be put in the nose before going to sleep.  see more details in



Effect of Jyotiṣmatī seed oil on spatial and fear memory using scopolamine-induced amnesia in mice.

hyperprolactinemia (hyperPRL) in schizophrenic patients 


Water Therapy:   We generally recommend doing Water Therapyto mitigate these problems.  Instead of drinking plain room temperature water, you can drink lukewarm water (with general flavors like  Aswagandha, ginseng sarsparilla root powder, Brahmi hibiscus flowers, etc)   for better results. 

Do not make a decoction with these herbs but use a very mild dose like a quarter or half a teaspoon in 1.5 liters of water.   


Every day eat the following leaves - One per day.  Use only few leaves, that is, 5 to 10 leaves. If you grind it it should not be more than the size of  small gooseberry.  Grind with few black pepper and small piece of ginger. You can put in your mouth and drink half to one glass of good quality butter milk. If not you can use water.  If you cannot afford fresh leaves, then get dried leaves. Then use half to one teaspoonful of dried leaves powder and add quarter teaspoon of black powder and ginger powder (combined) and boil it in one or two glasses of water and allow it to reduce to half or quarter volume and drink also.  Best result comes if you boil in slow heat.

One Juice a day for seven days a week:

Drink these fresh juices, one a day, and repeat the seven every week. It is easy. Just cut and put in blender with little water and dates if needed, blend and drink.

1.  Jujube fruit  juice

2.  Aloe Verajuice with carrot or plain.

3.  Jujube fruit  juice

4. Aloe Verajuice with carrot or plain.

5.  Jujube fruit  juice

6.  Aloe Verajuice with carrot or plain.

7. Pomegranate juice.


Triphala Powder - Strengthen LiverEveryday night take one teaspoon of Triphala powder in 50 ml of hot water. (Please Click hereto find the link to buy this herb).


Fire Therapy:  

1. Doingsun meditationevery day helps in overcoming depression. Do this sun gazing every day, which is a natural and very powerful way to overcome depression and increase self-confidence, overcome fear, negative tendencies, and have a positive attitude in life. Sun is the source of all energy that we see on earth. Our body derives energy only from the sun through plants. plants trap the sun's energy and store them as food which we and animals consume and derive energy.

    Modern science tells us that everything started with the Big Bang which was initially in a light and energy form. That exploded into stars and Sun. That very energy is continuously coming to us in the form of Sunlight. The very Cosmic energy is what our body is made up of and we are identifying and feel the greatness of our own Self and existence through this ancient ritual.

   Sun meditation is a means to get that energy directly. At the body level, it increases Vitamin D and influences so many hormones producing glands like the pineal gland and thyroid glands. Modern research proves the connection between Sunlight and depression 

Insufficiency and deficiency of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and reduced exposure to sunlight were significantly associated with an increased risk of Parkinson's disease. However, vitamin D supplements resulted in no significant benefits in improving motor function for patients with Parkinson's disease.


2. At the psychological we get into depression because we are thinking for a long time small and insignificant about us. That depletes our inspiration. Inspiration comes when we think beyond our little body and mind. Just thinking won't help, it should be lived. The best way to live that is to practice selfless service. This is the greatest medicine to cure depression. All clinical medications do provide temporary relief by increasing some brain chemicals.  Our suggestion is not to stop those medications for a while but view the problem and heal it holistically.

Walk twice in the morning and evening. Do Pancha Bhoota walking to relax your mind. The mental irritations and frustrations decrease over time. Therefore it is good to relax the mind from those negative tendencies.

Our findings suggest that there may be a relationship between lack of exposure to sunlight and increased risk of hospital admissions for schizophrenia. Policymakers and doctors should promote further understanding of the health benefits of sunlight and take effective measures to prevent schizophrenia.


Pancha Bhoota Walking with breath awareness is very good to relax the mind.  of Walking and depression

Yoga is very good especially Surya Namaskar given in the fire section.


Air therapy: Taking a long breath and relaxes now and then reduces stress in the body. Doing Pranayama  5 minutes morning and evening are also good.


Space Therapy: Similarly relaxation of the mind reduces stress.

Click here to read and have it as a Tamil brochure. We suggest following these general recommendations for one month and if you still have problems write to us and we will be able to suggest individualized therapy for you.


Ayurvedic Medicine for the Treatment of Dementia: Mechanistic Aspects.

Clinical evaluation of Kushmanda Ghrita in the management of depressive illness.

Experimental Evaluation of Hiṅgvādi Ghṛta in Behavioral Despair Using Animal Models.

Evaluation of anti-depressant and anxiolytic activity of Rasayana Ghana Tablet (A compound Ayurvedic formulation) in albino mice.

standardization of Grithas

Analytical profile of Brahmi Ghrita: A polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation. Analytical profile of Brahmi Ghrita: A polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation. 

Clinical & Experimental Research:…/Alzheimers-herpesvirus-possible…

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A single factor may be a biased view for the cause of a disease.

Several factors contribute to health is the Eternal Truth.

 Click on the links inside the tables for details.


   Uni5   Eternal  and  Universal
 Health Style
Five Levels 1 2 3 4 5
Elements Earth Water Fire Air Space













Internal Body Mind Intelligence Awareness Consciousness
External Food Water Heat Air Space

Whole foods


Juice Therapy

Liver Tonic chutneys


Water Therapy

Castor Oil

Gall Nut

Detoxification- Best

Exercise for lymph circulation for health and immunity like Yoga, walking, Suryanamaskar



Laugh Therapy

Food Proteins Carbohydrates Fats Vitamins Phyto-Nutrients
Food Type Fiber Rich Well chewed food Balanced foods Vegetarian Live fermented foods
Mind- External
Acceptance Yoga


Uni5 Meditation

PB Meditation

Increase SAL Energy
 Mind- Internal Transform Anger to helping nature Cleanse Out meaness with charity Cleanse out Pride with serving attitude Cleanse out Jealousy with compassion
Intelligence     Unbiased outlook - Seek the Unchanging Truth Embracing all beliefs - understand the results of action done under personal beliefs Forgiveness - Forgive and Forget to Give and Get
Awareness       Eco-friendliness - We are all connected in and out. So polluting nature is inturn polluting ourself Conservation of Energy - Avoid wastage of all forms of Energy, because inturn it is our own SAL Energy
Consciousness         Unconditional Love - The only Reality of this Universe


 To read the clinic articles in Tamil, please click here.

Maruppathu udal noi marundhu enalakum (A medicine is one that give physiological effects)
Maruppathu ula noi marundhu enalakum (A medicine is one that give psychological effects)
Maruppathu ini noi varathiruppa ( A medicine is one that ensures prevention of diseases)
Maruppathu savai marundhu enalakum. (A medicine is one that ultimately grants Immortality)
-  Thirumoolar in Thirumanthiram (800 BC)

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