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Body-Pain  or Leg pain     

Crush one garlic and add one teaspoon of neem oil, allow it to boil for few minutes. Take the oil and apply on joints near the ear, elbow joints, knee joints, shoulder. For both children and adults this gives quick relief.



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Anytime when such things happen always apply aloe vera with a mix  of organic turmeric powder. For pain stone crush organic garlic and grind it into paste. Then heat it in castor oil with organic turmeric. Apply this oil three to four times a day,  the pain will go away.   Fomenting with a cotton cloth filled with any beans bundled like a bag and heated and then applied to the area will be even more effective.  Dont make such a big bag as shown in picture. 10 beans like green mung (best to reduce inflammation). Fry 20 beans and then put in cloth bag and then keep the bag again in the heating pot and then apply slowly on the affected area where the oil has been applied. 


Back Pain (spine) :

please read this page information of a practical way done to heal back pain and injury.

 In 3 to 5 tablespoon of coconut oil (better mustard oil) add a handful of moringa leaves and handful of coconut scrappings. Heat the contents in a pan or ceramic or earthern pan till the coconut scrappings become slightly brown.

Decant the oil and apply the oil on back of the person lying on the bed. (take care not to apply unbearable hot oil).

Transfer the dry conents with little oil with it on a clean cotton cloth (approximately size 6 inches by 6 inches). Then fold the cloth with the contents like a pouch. Apply the hot cotton pouch intermittantly on the back on areas where there is pain.  (take care not to apply unbearably hot and burn the skin). Do not apply pressure but keep gently on the skin for 1 to 3 seconds and change are and apply.

Reheat the cotton cloth with contents by keeping on the same pan on stove and apply the heat on the back. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes and take a hot shower for a week or 2 weeks to 41 days depending on the pain of the person.

This is good for men or women who suffer from chronic or acute back pain, spine or spinal column, disc, vertebral column dislocation etc. Very good for women who have back pain after delivery.


Herbal Oils: Extremely good results come with using two herbal oils of ayurveda.

Use equal amounts of Dhanwanthri-Thailam and Murivenna  instead of coconut or mustard oil.

For some dhanvanthri  thailam with karpooradhi oil works. All these are available in


Other additions: Additions of herbal leaves like tamarind leaves, chopped lemon, curry leaves along with moringa and coconut scrappings add potency of the treatment.


Important note : In our experience we found excellent and quick results comes to patients who do first castor oil or gallnut cleansing before doing the above treatment.

Then eveeryday drinking one teaspoon of triphala choornam also helps a lot.


Triphala Powder - Strengthen LiverEveryday night take one teaspoon of Triphala powder in 50 ml of hot water.


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