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  The 5-Elements Healing      

           2.  Fat Soluble Toxins:  - Earth Therapy

      Some times the liver may not be able to convert a chemical completely into water soluble form. The liver produces a body soap called bile. The fat soluble toxins easily gets dissolved in the bile and flows through the gall bladder  into the small intestines. In the intestine the bile is re-absorbed, while the toxins get mixed with fiber in the food and get excreted.

     However due to our wrong life style of eating refined foods that are less in fiber, makes the toxins also to be re-absorbed into the body again. Over time the toxins builds up in different parts of the body and damages the genes of the cells and other components of the cells causing various diseases.

     Therefore the next important step is to get rid of the fat soluble  toxins in the body.

1. We recommend to eat more of fiber rich food. The more we eat fiber rich food our system gets cleansed of the toxins. 

2. To get rid of the toxins faster we recommend the patients to do castor oil cleansing or herbal cleansing with a very ancient herb "kadukka", depending upon the condition of the patient.


   The 5 Element Healing

      The end products of various metabolic reactions become toxic to the body and  are mostly water soluble. Every night we undergo a fasting period (no food or drink is consumed) , until the next day when we break the fast with "breakfast".      

           1.  Water soluble Toxins:  - Water Therapy

     During this fasting period, thirty trillion cells in the human body spit out toxic metabolic wastes into our bloodstream.  Water Therapy means drinking water first thing in the morning, to the fullest capacity of our stomach. The capacity of our stomach is 1.5 liters (0.396 gallons, 1.58 quarts, 3.2 pints ,or 6.3 cups).
      Drinking this much water all at once cleanses the stomach and intestines, the blood and all organs, rejuvenating them, removing all water soluble toxins from them in the form of urine. It is interesting to note that many diseases have been healed just by removing the water soluble toxins from our body.

      However, by removing water soluble toxins alone we cannot clear all diseases.  Fat soluble toxins might be needed to be removed to bring about complete healing.     

            2.  Fat Soluble Toxins:   - Earth Therapy

    If you want to clean a cloth, rinsing it in water alone will not help. Because, with water only water soluble toxins will be removed. Fat soluble toxins or greasy toxins must be removed with soap.

     Our body similarly removes fat soluble toxins through a soap it manufactures called bile. Bile has two functions, one of which is to emulsify the fats and make it easy for digestion. The liver detoxifies all the toxins that enter the body. It converts chemicals into water soluble chemicals so that the kidneys can throw these out of the body through urine. This is where water therapy helps the liver and kidneys to do their jobs more effectively. 

Pancha Bhoota Healing or The 5-Elements Healing



Being One with nature, restoring balance and harmony is the most fundamental step in healing. Please Click here to read the Introduction First. Without reading the introduction these five steps healing will not make complete sense.

1. Water Therapy

Water detoxifies the body and mind in an amazingly simple way.72% of our body and 83% of the brain is made up of water. Doing this one step process is the first and basic step in the five step healing or Pancha Bhoota healing.

Drink 1.5 liters of water first thing in the morning, using mild amounts of flavors like sarsaparilla, ginger root powder, cumin seeds, coriander seeds etc. for better results. Keep alternating the flavors of your choice.

The flavors in water can be generated by adding very little amount of these fresh herbs or dry powders of these herbs directly into 1.5 liters of water at night. Then boiling that water and allowing to cool overnight so as to drink it in the morning. Water therapy will correct the hormonal levels in our body by cleansing the liver.  

2. Earth (Food) Therapy

The next abundant and basic element of our body is Food.  Our food habits determine the fate of our body and mind. Food purifies our body and mind.
Click here for information about earth or diet therapy.

Fiber-rich foods absorb detoxified hormone products that are excreted through the bile. If there is no fiber, the detoxified product is reabsorbed into the system.  We recommend using fiber rich whole grains like brown rice (remember to soak in water and cook), whole rye flakes (33% fiber compared to 20% fiber in oats), whole wheat flakes (28%), barley flakes (26%), millets like ragi are very rich in fiber. In all ancient traditions, people ate different types of grains and millets.  Many of the readers might be unaware of their names.  These millets give different types of nourishment, detoxify the body and also help prevent many diseases like cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer etc. 

3. Fire Therapy
Heat or fire is the unavoidable element in the body. It helps in the circulation or movement of nutrients and toxins in the body.

Click here for information about fire therapy.

Walk in the morning and evening. Yoga is very good, especially Surya Namaskar explained in the Fire Section of our website. It helps in improving lymphatic circulation and clears out toxins from the body. These exercises when done produce heat that help to connect the body and mind.

4. Air Therapy 

The most critical element for the survival of the body is the air element. The mind is so connected with the breath. So the Air element coordinates both the body and the mind.

Normally, we never breathe to the full capacity of our lungs. Due to various reasons there is in-equal distribution of oxygen in different organs resulting in diseases of that particular organ.   Pranayama (a breathing exercise) helps one breathe fully. This exercise improves oxygen supply to all the cells of the body especially to those of the brain. Oxygen supply to the cells rejuvenates them and enhances their functioning. While the process of exhaling helps in the removal of waste from the body which enables the healing to take place without any blockages.

Click here for information about air therapy.

5. Space Therapy

Awareness is life and that is the fundamental of existence. This awareness aspect is the Space element.  Getting connected to our own being, at the subtlest level, nourishes and cleanses our mind and the body. Similarly,relaxation  of the mind reduces stress.

Click here for information about space therapy.

Click here for information aboutAdvanced-space therapy.

Pancha Bhootas being the source of our body helps not only in maintaining good health but also in restoring lost health. When all the five elements interact with our body in a balance, the restoration is quickly achieved.

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of the patient.

            Body Mind Co-ordination:  - Fire Therapy

     To completely get rid of the water soluble and fat soluble toxins from the body, there should be good circulation of heat throughout the body. This heat is the Fire element. Heat is circulated through blood and lymph, the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. However this involves the aspect of mind because, the Mind is the seat of action or motion and there should be the co-ordination of the mind and the body. This is the purpose of  Yoga which means to unite.

    We suggest simple Yoga exercises which improves blood, lymphatic and air circulation in the body helping in complete detoxification process.

  Pancha Bhoota Healing

                          The 5-Elements Healing      

           Wandering Mind:  - Air Therapy

      Unfortunately to bring about co-ordination of the mind and body at present,  the mind is not available. The nature of the mind is to wander and never present in the present (now). The mind is either brooding over the past or anxious of the future.

      This fast wandering mind like the air is brought to the present and made available to heal the body through Air therapy. Pranayama is suggested as part of Air therapy, where  breathing is done with full awareness. Mind always follows breath (Air) because without it it cannot function. Without food and water, mind can survive but not without Air. Taking this intelligent aspect into consideration we pull the wandering mind and allow it to transcend to the state of Awareness. This state of Awareness is the "Source" of all potentialities, including healing.

            Detoxification of the Ego  - Space Therapy

     The mind wanders away from the Awareness to the outside through the five senses of the body. This is because of the toxin of the mind called Ego. The Ego drives the mind to seek out and not to the inner core of our being, the real "Self".

      This is accomplished by the most subtle Element, the Space through Relaxation and Meditation. Through this we watch our thoughts and clearly distinct it from the Ego. This detoxifying the mind from the Ego is in fact the very purpose of Life.

     For healing we thus combine holistically the five elements to make the whole process highly effective and complete. Completeness or fullness is the very nature of our "Being".

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