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Eating refined foods causes sweet stress at the time of eating and  bitter diseases later. Many points need to be understood, but we will just focus here on how to manage diabetes by eating fiber rich food. For your information, please look at the figures and understand the condition of the body while eating refined and unrefined foods.

     First see the condition of the body in a diabetic situation, where only low insulin is available to take over-crowded glucose from the blood  into the organ cells. When iron materials are in frequent contact with water, the water cause oxidative damage called rust. Similarly, high glucose causes oxidative damage to organs causing damage and disease in the organs. The high glucose causes oxidative damage to the body like kidneys, heart, eyes etc. It also damages immune cells causing infections. Damage to the eye lens causes loss of eye sight. Damage to the kidneys causes kidney failure and so on.

Irony of diabetes

      The biggest irony in a diabetic condition is that the body cells all starve for glucose, the energy source, when there is an excess of glucose in the blood! Lack of insulin in the body to transport glucose into the body cells causes energy starvation and shows up as fatigue.  Diabetes is a pitiable condition-starving in the presence of food.

      See what happens when we eat refined and unrefined foods in a diabetic condition.



White rice consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes: meta-analysis and systematic review

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