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The Sun, the cause , but no involvement

     In the previous page the unsolved mystery is about the  Unconditioned Consciousness being the one behind the cause of all causes and events, however it is not involved in any of the events.

         In India Sun is always taken as the symbol of Unconditioned Consciousness. Sun is thousands and thousands of miles away from the Earth and yet its presence is felt every where on Earth. We had discusses in Air therapy page and fire therapy pages that Sun's energy is trapped by pants in the form of food and we derive the sun's energy by eating food. So it is sun's energy that  drives all human activities. If some one becomes obese eating lots of food we cannot blame the Sun for it, but the truth is that the food is nothing but Sun's energy  and also the energy for eating action also comes from Sun's energy but Sun cannot be blamed for hunger or obesity problems. Like the Unconditioned Consciousness Sun is the cause for all the events on Earth but it is not involved in any of these actions. To put in other words, its energy drives actions on Earth but it does not enjoy or sorrowful by the results of its action.

        The same is true for all geo-physical activities that occur on Earth. Sun's energy causes water to rise from ocean and precipitate on mountain cliff's in the form of glaciers. Let us take for example of the Himalayan mountain glaciers, the snowcapped mountain ranges of Northern India.  The same Sun that was the cause of the Snow to fall on Mountain cliff's is also the cause for the snow to melt it to water.

      Now you observe that in these glaciers there are the greatest rivers of India concealed, latent. Ganges, the biggest river  of India emanate and flow out from these glaciers. Here in these glaciers is the source or the seed body of the river. It is this water, the seed of the mighty river. At this stage we do not see a river, we see a state of "Nothingness" from which a mighty river later flows.

Causal Body

          Like the seed body of the river in the mountain, so is our seed body in a state of "Nothingness". But from this seed body is all the information which goes out into the subtle body and the gross physical body which we will discuss later.

         In this state of the seed body we see all-dazzling scenes, diamond-mountains, all white, an ocean of white glaciers so dazzling, so sparkling, so beautiful, splendid, inspiring. There we find no vegetation, no animal life, no man, no woman. There is upon these glaciers to be seen one source of life, the Sun, the glorious Orb, that shines upon these fairy scenes. Oh, what a splendid sight! Sometimes the light of the Sun sifted through the clouds falls upon the land and makes the whole landscape blaze up in the color of fire.

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     Three states of existence-2

Un-conditioned Consciousness

        What we fail to recognize in all these three states of existence is the unconditioned Pure  Consciousness.  We fail to recognize it because it just illuminates these states of existence but is not involved in any of these actions or events. How is it possible?. How can something be the cause and yet not be involved in it?. This will be explained in next page with a beautiful analogy.

       The readers also might have question about the unconditioned consciousness. Is not consciousness the phenomenon of the brain?. No. Unfortunately we have been trained to  think in that manner. That is not the reality. This error is like the old error of thinking that the Sun revolves around the earth.  Just because our eyes sees the Sun moving, and Earth Stationary, it is hard to understand (believe) that in-fact the Earth is moving.

       This is the Scientific blunder that everyone is taking it our granted. Ancient Indian Spiritual masters have understood this mystery of the whole universe. Greater is the mystery to know that all events happen in the light of Unconditioned Consciousness, but it is not involved in any events. Let us repeat the statement.  Unconditioned Consciousness is the one behind the cause of all causes and events, however it is not involved in any of the events. What a stupid concept! Indeed!. But this mystery will be solved with a beautiful example given in the next page.

        All the confusion arises because of the mis-use and abuse of the terms Consciousness and Awareness. Neuro-biologists and other brain-researching Scientists interchange the use of these two words. The conditioned Consciousness should be distinctly known as "Awareness",  to avoid confusion in terminology with the pure "Unconditioned Consciousness".

What is Awareness?

     Awareness is the conditioned consciousness which comes into action when the different regions of the brain interacts with the sensory signals it receives through the nervous system that is connected to the other organs of the body.  However, without the Unconditioned Pure Consciousness, the whole body cannot exist because it is the source of the awareness (conditioned consciousness). And yet, this Unconditioned Consciousness  is not in the brain or any particular location in the universe. It is every where and there is no region where it is not present. Both  the individuals who accepts it and  denies it are in-fact the very manifestation of that un-conditioned consciousness.  The Unconditioned Consciousness is known as  "Brahman" in Sanskrit. Other names are Atman, impersonal-God, formless-God or  Soul.

      This Truth is hard to understand and that is why several examples and explanations are given. Here is a very simple and logical explanation which will elucidate clearly this mystery. Please continue to read.

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1. Journey To The Source: Decoding Matrix Trilogy- Pradheep Chhalliyil  to read about this interesting book that describes consciousness and awareness more vividly.

2. In woods of God Realization - Swami Ram Tirtha

3. Vedanta Treatise by Swami Parthasarathy.

          Three bodies

How do we know whether we have  three bodies?.       

          Well we do not need any proof of the gross body and the subtle body of mind and intellect. We know we have a physical body (gross body) and also the mind and intellect (subtle body). To know the  third causal body,   it is necessary to analyze all three states of our existence, the waking state, the dreaming state and the deep sleep state.

         We are awake for a certain period of time, then we sleep in which we are in either two states, the dreaming state and or in  deep sleep state. Without accounting for all the three states we will not get a complete picture of own life. If we calculate we sleep more than awake while we are young and then more in waking state when grow up. But in the net result we are in these three states almost equally.

          These three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep represent the three aspects of our body, the gross physical body, the subtle mind and intellect body and the causal body. In the waking state we are more aware of the gross physical body. In the dreaming state we lose awareness of our physical body totally but our mind and intellect is active but is very hazy and  not very clear. In the deep sleep state we are in causal body and both the physical and mind are completely unaware.  In the causal body there is only awareness in the form of impressions. This is the source of all our thoughts or in other words the "Thought -bank". This third state of existence, the deep sleep state is also called as Pragna in sanskrit.

Waking Gross body Physical organs Unaware of our hidden impressions
Dreaming Subtle body Mind/Intellect Unaware of our physical body
Deep-sleep Causal body Impressions/awareness Unaware of our body/mind

Important note to avoid mis-understanding

       Here we have to be very clear about the three states of existence. We should not literally take that we are discussing here about dreams and deep sleep states. We literally go into these three states everyday, but the point is that, we are in these three states even in the waking state.

        We have our gross physical body, subtle body of  the mind and intellect  and also awareness, the causal body. The problem is that you  are not aware of the awareness (Causal body) while you are awake. Since in awaken state you are not aware of the causal body, we are using the analogy of the deep-sleep state to make you understand about the causal body. This causal body is like "nothingness" that you experience similar to deep sleep state. With this clarity please go ahead, otherwise it will breed only confusion. 


Three states of existence

       We all go to this deep sleep state state everyday. This third state of existence which is the deep sleep state is so enjoyable to all of us. We all enjoy sleep really to get into this deep sleep state. We complain if we had only dream state without having the deep sleep state. There is something special and important about this state for us. Because in the waking state we are not aware of the causal body, but aware of only the physical gross body and the subtle body of  mind-intellect. So we try to get into that state in deep sleep where there is no thought of physical body, mind and intellect. Only pure awareness remains in deep sleep state. But our real nature is still not awareness but pure Unconditional Consciousness, which we shall discuss later.

The Three states:

1. In the waking state we are aware of our physical body, our mind and intellect.

2. The moment we go to the dream state we are not aware of the physical body.

3. In deep sleep state we are not aware of the mind and intellect or the physical body.

         This third state of our existence is a sort  of "Nothingness" or "Blankness". This is where all our impressions or our tendencies (vasanas)  are hidden or stored. It is the store house of our memories and impressions we have in life. In other words it is the seed-house of our hidden tendencies.

        This deep sleep state is important because the hidden impressions from this state get expressed as events in dream state and as desires in our waking state. Any thing we desire in our waking state is because of the hidden tendencies in this deep sleep state. we will discuss this separately later.

 If our core personality of impressions and tendencies are hidden in the deep sleep state of "nothingness", is that then our real nature?  So we do wake up only to express those tendencies?. Vedanta, the ultimate knowledge of Indian ancient science tells us that all these three states do not have independent existence  but depend on something else, called Unconditioned Consciousness.

what is this Unconditioned Consciousness?  Please read in the next page.

Important note to avoid mis-understanding

1. In the waking state we are aware of our physical body, our mind and intellect. There is no confusion with this statement.

2. The moment we go to the dream state we are not aware of the physical body. Now here it means that the moment we are in the subtle body, which is mind and intellect, we are unaware of the body. We experience this state most of the time, when we are in deep thoughts or intellectually thinking of some thing. In these states we forget that we are traveling in a train or a bus or even driving a car. Being totally caught up in the mind without being aware of the physical body is akin to the dream state.

3. In deep sleep state we are not aware of the mind and intellect or the physical body. In awareness state or being in the causal body we understand that we are not the body-mind-intellect complex we imagine to be. We are the Pure Unconditioned Consciousness.

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1. Journey To The Source: Decoding Matrix Trilogy- Pradheep Chhalliyil  to read about this interesting book that describes the Consciousness and Awareness  more vividly.

2. In woods of God Realization - Swami Ram Tirtha

3. Vedanta Treatise by Swami Parthasarathy.


  Vedanta-the Ultimate Knowledge

           As we mentioned earlier "Ignorance" is the cause of all our suffering, which in other words is lack of "Right thinking". Sakthi foundation derives its knowledge of right thinking from Vedanta, the Ancient knowledge of India.  This is not a religion dictated by one person nor a single book of do's and dont's. The attraction of Vedanta lies in sharpening our intellect through vigorous discussions and analysis and the conclusions drawn stands eternal because it holds good for human for all ages. Even in this technological age, this Truth gives unflinching light to guide us in our evolution.

      Vedanta in Sanskrit means the "Ultimate knowledge" which was revealed by Men and Women discussing on solid intellect. This is the perfect science of experimentation, observation and finally drawing inference on the subject.

    We would use this profound knowledge of Vedanta to analyze the source of all physical and mental problems and even go beyond them. Vedanta says that understanding our own physical body and mind with the guidance of our intellect will suffice to know the "Truth", the ultimate Knowledge. According to Vedanta, we are three layered being, covering (not literally) the pure Unconditioned consciousness.


                The Three bodies layers

 How do we know whether we have these three bodies?.       

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