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       Meditation has become  a short of fashion in the modern world. It is a pity to see people meditate without making the mind suitable for meditation. As we have discussed earlier, a kid with an agitated mind cannot focus on reading a book. The mind must be relaxed to read a book and not the other way around. Reading a book cannot relax the mind.

      This is why meditation has been introduced in Space Therapy section, because only when the mind is available and relaxed meditation is easy. People find initial peace of mind in meditation and quick benefits because of the sudden relief they find getting out of the nosier world.

    In the long run, only if the mind is  less agitated can the mind transcend to Awareness state  throughout the day. Other wise only during meditation the mind transcend to awareness state and rest of the time it is in the usual agitative state.

    To meditate the mind has to be less agitated. Many do meditation to make the mind less agitated. Which is correct?. A less agitated mind only can really do meditation. Since it is easy to meditate when the mind is less  agitated, morning time is preferred. The reason is the that after a sleep the mind that is drawn inwards is easy to transcend to awareness.

    More over, along with meditation if there is no proper attention given to tame the Ego, frustration and seeking for the "Self" continues. Still a feeling of incompleteness continues in the life of an individual who may be doing meditation even for many years. If the Ego is not taken care it also leads to make an individual feel superior over others which is nothing but bloating the Ego further.

Important Note: 

         The above statements about meditation is not meant to hurt anyone who is already doing any sort of meditation techniques. If you are already doing meditation technique, please continue to do and not stop it. What we are implying here is that if you  simultaneously take care of your thoughts allowing less agitations in the mind, meditative state of awareness can be extended 24 hours a day. Then meditation will not be restricted only to the meditation time but one will experience it all the time doing any other activities.   

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