Good & Evil 

       All the question about does God exists, did God create evil, is God in heaven etc arise out of the ignorance of our Self. Knowing our self, all these questions vanishes like the mist in the presence of Sun. Hundreds of years back the king of Persia (Iran) had a very logical question, if God who is Good and all powerful is there , then how come evil exist in the world. Who created evil, was it God?. Zoroastrian a powerful teacher explained with a simple example that evil is only another name for the absence of goodness. Its absence only becomes conspicuous when light and shade play hide and seek. Yet shade is not a substantial thing. It is only light that matters and seems to create shadows. Shadows however are not created by light but are the name for its absence. Likewise it is goodness alone which needs to be created, sin will by itself appear whenever goodness is eschewed.

        Similarly concepts of heaven and hell are the creation of the ego mind. Heaven and hell are our own states of mind. When we are away from the light of our consciousness, we then live in the realm of the Ego which is nothing but hell because through the Ego we inflictpain and suffering to own self and as well as others.  However when we transcend to the realm of the Self, we have peace or heaven in us and radiate that to others also. Hell and heaven are experienced right now when we live and not after death.

     There is no judgmental day waiting for us after death. When God itself is beyond judgments (Judge ye not), then how can God have a judgment day and punish and reward. All these concepts arise when the Ego mind project God (Consciousness) as a person sitting some where in a place called heaven and controlling everything. God or pure Consciousness is like the light of the Sun that we have seen in the previous illustration which has nothing to do with the shadows.

      Without God or pure Consciousness, there is nothing, but God has nothing to do with whatever is happening in this world. Like the light, that is unaffected by the play of the shadows.  It is all the shadow  play of the Ego. This concept of God is confused vastly in all religions, however spiritual traditions are very clear about it. Not understanding this concept is ignorance and leads to all confusions, pain and suffering. All the problems that we suffer are our own creation. We create thoughts with our own free will and suffer from it. This is why from the beginning we have been insisting on creating positive thoughts to create a blissful life.

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