The Five Fold Hologram God                            

Throughout history people have been fighting wars in the name of God and religion. We explain here what really God is and where do people go wrong about it.

The five aspect of Consciousness, Awareness, Intelligence, Mind and Body are the five different ways viewing God.


god five

 Body (Physical God)

If the body and physical senses are thought to be the only means of showing reality of the Universe , it is atheism. Because here the body's sense organs are totally trusted to show the reality without understanding the fact that they may not always be correct. Simple example if the total trust of believing the eyes showing Sun moving around and earth is flat and stationary. In Atheism there is no concept of any Super-power. This is called the Charvaka (Carvaka) Philosophy.  

An atheist considers his "Self" to be the body and sense organs that show the world.

 Mind (Emotional God)

Since the Mind cannot grasp anything without a form, an unknown Super-power is imaged through the mind's imagination. The mind then super-imposes all its qualities on its self-created God's image.

    The mind considers God to be  compassionate, helping, merciful, Judging, punishing for bad acts and rewarding for Good acts etc.  There is strong fear which causes conditional love towards God in religious belief system. God is considered to be the master and all beings to be a slave. This view is called as Dvaitic philosophy.

Since Male is strong and powerful, God is addressed as "He".

Why there is religion based wars?. Since each mind imagines the unknown God to his or her imagination, different images of God and qualities are portrayed. This is seen not only between different religions, even in the same religion different sub-sections arise because of the different mind based qualities. Since the Mind's basic quality is a belief system, it tend to strengthen it by increasing the number of minds with the same belief system. This is the cause for conversion into religions. People convert others into their belief system because the  measure quantity to scale success. Another way to scale up the number is to kill non-believers through war.

     Since all religions are based on an emotional based belief system, they can change to any system at any time because the Mind is fickle or fluid. Fanatic belief systems come due to additional Ego driven emotions.

A religious person considers his Soul to be his mind based belief's and connects that to a Mind-imagined God.

    Religious systems help in the inner growth of the individual only when the individual grow out of their mind belief of a personal God  to a spiritual nature.


                                          Intelligence (God  as Scientific Laws of nature)

When everything is understood as Self governing and Self evolving under cosmic Laws , the individual tend to be a rational, Scientific thinking person. God for such logical thinkers are the very same Cosmic laws governing nature. They dont go by any emotional belief system but by logical thinking.

A rational person considers his Self to be the Cosmic Laws of nature.

                                               Awareness  (Spiritual God)

A Spiritual person understand that his Self is not the body or the mind or the intelligence, but even subtler energy (Awareness, the Spirit). This subtler energy he considers as God. A spiritual person understands that his identification to non-Self is Ego and transcending this Ego alone can help to realize God, the Awareness.  A spiritual transcend beyond the images of a personal God.

                              Consciousness  (God as Consciousness)

Consciousness, does not have a form, but is the fundamental for all the forms to come to Being. This Consciousness  is known as Brahman. Brahman is unconditional Awareness without identified to a form.   Consciousness is not a brain phenomenon but a Cosmic phenomenon from which everything emerges. There is no creator and creation, only manifestation. As we have discussed two pages earlier that Consciousness is the very experiencer in all of us and so cannot be experienced. To realize Consciousness one has to transcend the Ego, the factor that blocks the journey.

There are several rituals that help to transcend the Ego to realize Consciousness. This web site has information about it. How to draw a hologram


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