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Medicinal Grains
Wheat - Triticum-sativum - Graminae

Wheat is traditionally considered also for consumption for its medicinal properties. It is known as Godhuma in India. Ayurveda has praised its qualitities. It has a protein called gluten. Wheat gluten is composed of mainly two types of proteins,  the glutenins  and the gliadins.Gluten is naturally found in many cereal grains except rice and millets.  This protein is found mostly in wheat family like  common wheat, durum, spelt, khorasan, emmer and einkorn, barley, rye and some oat cultivars, and high in hybrids of these grains like triticale.

The hierloom vs hybrid wheat is industry vs home-made.

Glutens give dough its elasticity, helping it rise and keep its shape and often gives a chewy texture. With industrial revolution and hybrid making technologies, wheat has been genetically modified to serve food and non-food industries. The Triticeae glutens have thus unique viscoelastic and adhesive properties which makes bread and cakes soft taste. However the genetically modified wheat has two side-effects. It is high in glutein and also produced with the use of herbicides like roundup ready detyoing gut microbiome and making our immune system react to it and cause allergic reactions.

However the traditional wheats like Einkorn Emmer Wheat, spelt and Khorasan wheat or Indian Paigambari (ancient), Khapli , khaple, (Emmer) & Bansi, Kalibal, Kathia (Durum), Bansi, Kalibal, Kathiya & Chawalkatha are heirloom DURUM or Macaroni Wheat (Triticum durum) sona moti,  is known to be low gluten grain does not cuase this allergic effect.


.Do ancient wheats contain less gluten than modern bread wheat, in favour of better health? 

Scientific conclusions may be due to min-interpretation.

"Patients with sensitization to wheat show a significant IgE binding against both modern and ancient grain varieties of the genus Triticum (wheat). Therefore, ancient grains do not appear to have a generally reduced risk for wheat allergy sufferers. However, few individuals only sensitized to ATI could benefit from the consumption of einkorn (an ancient wheat variety that does not contain or contains extremely low levels of ATIs)."

The above interpretation are based on already sensitive individuals... naturally they will be allergic to gluten proteins and the cause could be due to other factors like hybrid varities of wheat or the pesticides used exposing it to the immune system. This may not be the case with the heirloom wheat. 


Hybrid Grains

Is wheat is toxic or the gluten in the wheat is Toxic?

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