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Gut News 2017

Dec 2017

PSA from Your Gut Microbes: Enjoy the Holidays, but Don't Forget Your Fiber

Lactic acid bacteria can protect against influenza a virus

New term for role of microbiota in neurodegeneration proposed

Antibiotics found to weaken body's ability to fight off disease . Adding another reason for doctors to avoid the overuse of antibiotics, new research shows that a reduction in the variety of microbes in the gut interferes with the immune system's ability to fight off disease.

Probiotics can prevent sepsis in infants, study shows

Not only MS, but other allergy and auto immune diseases will be treated with microbes in future......Human gut microbe may lead to treatment for multiple sclerosis...

Natural compound coupled with specific gut microbes may prevent severe flu

infant formula and c-section births and now told to cause more problems.......on children immunity....

July  2017

Natural compound coupled with specific gut microbes may prevent severe flu

June  2017

Gut Microbiota Plays a Key Role in Treatment With Classic Diabetes Medication

May  2017

Gut Microbe May Improve Fatty Liver

April 2017

Fecal Microbiota Transplants Improve Cognitive Impairment Caused by Severe Liver Disease

Newborns Get Infection Protection, Not Just Digestion, from Gut Bacteria, New Study in Mice Shows

Intestinal Bacteria May Protect Against Diabetes

May 2017

Does the Microbiome Play a Role in the Effectiveness of Colorectal Cancer Treatment?

Feb 2017

Yeast found in babies' guts increases risk of asthma

Biologists control gut inflammation by altering the abundance of resident bacteria

From mice, clues to microbiome's influence on metabolic disease

Eating Whole Grains Led to Modest Improvements in Gut Microbiota and Immune Response


Jan 2017

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