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December 2014

Pregnancy Germs - Friend or Foe?

Polymorphism, Bacteria in Us Help Dictate Health

Up to 80 Million Bacteria Sealed With a Kiss

Gut Microbes: Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability

Gut Microbiota, Parkinson’s: Connection Made

Does a Yogurt a Day Keep Diabetes Away?

November 2014

Proton Pump Inhibitors Decrease Gut Microbiome

Blame Gut Microbes for Your Weight?

Apes' Gut Bacteria Much More Diverse Than Ours

October 2014

Breakdown in Gut Barriers: Craving in Alcoholics?

Gut Bacterium Attacks Dengue, Malaria Pathogens

Antibiotics Spread Salmonella Among Animals

Gut Microbes On Jet Lag Lead to Obesity

Oral Capsule Effective for Fecal Transplant

Probiotics Protect Against Heavy Metal Poisoning

Gut Bacteria: Protected by Host During Illness

September 2014

Plants Prepackage Beneficial Microbes in Seeds

Sweat-Eating Bacteria May Improve Skin Health

Gut Bacteria Promote Obesity in Mice

Critically Ill Patients Face Gut Microbe Issues

Gut Bacteria, Sweeteners: Glucose Intolerance

Gut Bacteria Needed for Good Flu Vaccine Response

Our Microbes Are a Rich Source of Drugs

Diverse Gut Bacteria: Lower Breast Cancer Risk

HIV Hides in Gut, Evading Eradication

 August 2014

Home Is Where the Microbes Are

Antibiotics Early May Alter Immunity Long-Term 

Do Gut Bacteria Sway Our Food Choises?

Early Antibiotic Exposure, Lifetime Effects?

Injected Bacteria Shrink Tumors in Humans, Dogs


 Gut Flora Influences HIV Immune Response

 July 2014

Males' and Females' Gut Microbes: Diet Impact

Eating Probiotics May Improve Blood Pressure

Probiotics Cut Fat Accumulation in Liver: Study

When Good Gut Bacteria Get Sick

Kids On Dairy Farms: Less Allergy Risk

June 2014

Gut Microbe Levels Linked to Obesity

Microbes-of-the-Skin (see the importance of oil bath)
Stem Cell Transplant: Gut Bacteria Predict Odds

Good Bacteria Can Protect Gut Microbiome: Study

Exercise, Diet Impact Gut Microbial Diversity

Probiotics Prevent Liver Disease Complications

Newborns Exposed to Dirt: Lower Allergies?

 May 2014


Mouth Microbe Turns Carcinogenic

Circumcision Alters the Penis Microbiome

Cystic Fibrosis Alters Microbiome?

Bacterial Sentinels of Noses

Microbiome Changes During Pregnancy

Microbial Menagerie

Who Are We Really?

Q&A: Preserving The Body's Bugs


Variety in Diet Can Cut Microbial Diversity ... (All these results prove more ayurveda's view that diverse diet according to sesaon and timing of the day is very important)

Baby's first bacteria from Mother's mouth

Maternal Microbiome

How microbes control your health

Microbiota- our ignored organ

Healthy Vagina


Bacteria in Mouth May Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer

Can Gut Microbiota Affect Children With Autism?

How Gut Bacteria Regulate Weight Gain

Breastfeeding: Growth of Beneficial Gut Bacteria

April  2014

Immunity in Preemies: Study On Gut Microbes


Human Microbiome Project: Re-Defining Healthy

Infectious Diseases: Resistance Over Generations

Gut Microbiota: Role in Alcoholic Liver Disease

Corralling Milk Microbes Surviving Pasteurization

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gut Metabolism

Breast Microbiota Study Raises Questions

Gut Flora in Infants, Toddlers Being Studied

March 2014

Preemie Gut Bacteria: Serious Infection Possible


Engineered Gut Bacteria 'Remembers' What It Saw

Healthy Mouths: Good Fungi Keep Bad Ones in Check

Gut Microbes Help Develop Immune Cells

Bacterial Wars: Fighting for Survival in Gut

Gut Microbes Spur Development of Bowel Cancer

February 2014

Gut Bacteria Communicate to Maintain Our Health

Obesity: Geographic Variation of Gut Microbes

Vitamin B12 Accelerates Worm Development

How Gut Bacteria Metabolize Complex Carbs

Yogurt Consumption Lowers Type 2 Diabetes Risk
January 2014
Connectedness, Human Use of Buildings Shape Indoor Bacterial Communities
(Soon Indian vastu science of not having indoor bathroom will  soon be researched and discover that it significantly improves quality of  indoor bacteria )

World's First Butterfly Bacteria Sequenced: Suprising Events Found During Metamorphosis  (Not only humans but also for insects gut bacteria is important)


Better Gut Bacteria for a Longer Life?

 Gut bacteria, fiber- cardiac health-Findings Bolster Fiber's Role in Colon Health

How a Versatile Gut Bacterium Helps Us Get


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