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Five Level FactorsEveryone likes to be healthy. In fact, health is the nature of the body. Disease is an un-natural condition of the body. For ages mankind has strived for perfect health. With help of modern science we have increased the life span in this century, but cancer and heart diseases and many infectious diseases are haunting us. In spite of good knowledge about healthy life stlye not many follow these guidelines.    

  From ancient health records we know that only few people took care of the body and majority of the population took health for granted. Hence health tips were emphasized in various aspects of life.

     In modern times, the same trend continues. In spite of good health care and knowledge of health, the majority of us are unhealthy. This is again because we take health for granted.  Even in this age of technology and communication, despite knowing what is good for us, we tend to ignore the facts. All this stems from lack of Awareness.

Awareness means to be connected to Truth (that which is never changing  but eternal). In other words Awareness means to overcome the boundaries of individual beliefs and self-connect to the common Truth.  Example, each individual will have their own beliefs about their food habits and life style. Scientific Truth is not based on a belief but tested and verified with a scientfic system which avoid human bias. Sticking on to the Truth is Awareness.

    The aim of Sakthi Foundation is to help understand the root cause of suffering both at the body level and the mind level and bring in more Awareness to the Universal Truth. Without understanding the root cause no disease or problem can be eradicated. Without focusing on the core matter all steps undertaken will only be superficial. The benefiting results will only be temporary, while the root problem will continue to manifest in other forms. So, we here, will be addressing these problems for  permanent long lasting solutions.

We have a Universal Self pattern in understanding the Truth about Health. These are like the five Energy patterns. Based on this approach we have a pattern in treating the diseease which is logical and rational.  Please look at the image that briefly explains the pattern.


"Noi nadi noi muthal nadi athu thanikkum Vainadi vaippa cheyal"  (Thirukkural)

Make a careful diagonosis based on symptoms and other indications, discover the true or root cause of disease, think out the proper remedy,and apply it effectively

நோய்நாடி நோய்முதல் நாடி அதுதணிக்கும் 
வாய்நாடி வாய்ப்பச் செயல்.      (குறள் 948: மருந்து அதிகாரம்)

நோய்நாடி – பிணியானது இன்னதென்று உடற் குறிகளாலும், வெளிப்பாடுகளாலும் அறிந்து
நோய்முதல் நாடி – அப்பிணியின் மூலகாரணம் என்பதை ஆராய்ந்து அறிந்து
அதுதணிக்கும் வாய்நாடி – பின்னர் அப்பிணி தீர்க்கும் வழியினையும் இன்னதென்று அறிந்து
வாய்ப்பச் செயல் – தக்க மருத்துவமும், மருந்தும் தந்து பிணியை நீக்க வேண்டும்

Five health   

We request you to be patient enough to read the entire contents and dedicate some time to information that will benefit your entire life. It will be time well spent, we assure you.


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"Kitchen is the Hospital

Mother is the Doctor

Food is Medicine"

- Mohanan Vaidyar

Excellent Mohanan Vaidyar's You tube in Malayalam on natural health

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