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Inquire & Enquire

          Develop a mind that does Inquiry and not Enquiry. Though these words look like they have the same meaning, there is a subtle difference.  The tendency is to use enquire when asking for information, and inquire when conducting an investigation.

       We are always in the mode of enquiry, asking for information and gathering it. Enquiry increases intelligence which means information. We train our children to be more intelligent which means a bigger data-bank of information. Rarely  do we encourage them to inquire which leads to sharpening of the intellect. 

      We give much importance to gathering information but hardly any to inquiry which means investigation. A goldsmith may have all the information about the gold he plans to buy but will not do so until he rubs the gold himself to  investigate the validity of its purity. Unfortunately we live now in an age of information technology and take for granted whatever information is given by whoever we consider to be the higher authorities. We blindly believe information given by doctors, scientists and health professionals and don't stop to make an inquiry.

       Inquiry here  does not mean that you should go and personally  research and validate claims. The inquiry is a self test based on personal experience, logic and reasoning and not based on emotional preference, blind faith and/or convenience. 

In Vedic tradition, every morning a positive thought is fed to the mind. A positive thought in Tamil or Sanskrit language is called a Mantra. A mantra is a powerful positive thought and the king of all the mantras or the chief mantra is the Gayatri Mantra. Gayatri Mantra is considered to be the most powerful because it asks for strengthening the intellect, the mode of inquiry. The meaning of Gayatri Mantra is "O! Light of the Universe, may you enlighten my intellect". This positive thought should be fed to your mind everyday to live a healthy, blissful life.

      The foundation of Sakthi Foundation is based on this Vedic approach of self inquiry and strengthening of the intellect. The knowledge we share with you in this web site  is based on personal experimentation and logical reasoning. Most of the information is taken from ancient scriptures which then becomes the basis for personal experimentation and conclusions are derived from logical reasoning. Our strong foundation is based on inquiry, the strengthening of the intellect and not on emotional preferences.

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