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The Mind & Intellect            

             We are all constantly doing actions which are propelled by the mind. The mind consists of passions and emotions, feelings and impulses. We also have another aspect called the intellect.  The functions of the intellect are thinking, reflecting, reasoning, discriminating and judging. It analyses and distinguishes between pairs of opposites.


    We feel tired or fatigued without energy because we usually react very emotionally without the backing of the intellect.   In other words, there is no problem if we were to act emotionally with the backup of the intellect. The problem arises when we act only with the emotional mind and not with the intellect. Most of the time our actions are propelled only  by the desires of the mind, our emotions. There is no problem in that, until an action is done which is strongly propelled by the emotional mind but is not supported by the intellect.


                                             A simple example is eating a chocolate. The emotional mind desires to eat it , but if the intellect says you are diabetic and do not eat it, there is a conflict. Either  the strong mind or the strong intellect will win the war and we can pretty much guess the outcome of such an action. The conflict between mind and intellect spoils the peace in life. Peace reigns when actions are done without a conflict between the mind and intellect.

The cause of all disease is ignorance. Ignorance is the  mind acting/reacting without the "supervision" of the intellect.             

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