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The Mind & Body

You do not need to read Sakthi Foundation to know that you have two  components, the mind and the body. But what you have to know is that the mind is the subtle body expressing itself as the gross physical  body.                                                                                                      

         A simple example is the man standing before the mirror.  The mirror is the body and the mind is the man standing before the mirror. Whatever action the man does ,the mirror reflects it. Of course distorted mirrors can give distorted reflections too. What we are talking about here is a simple, plain, undistorted mirror. Standing in front of the mirror, if the man smiles, immediately the reflection has a smiling face. If the man puts on an angry face, the mirror reflects the same angry face.

       Though the actions reflected in the mirror are dictated by the man's action in front of the mirror, it is the thoughts of the man that he performs such actions in front of the mirror. If he thinks he should have a smiling face, then he performs that action which is then reflected in the mirror.

      So it is Thoughts-------Actions--------Reflection. Here, the mirror is the gross body, the man in front of it is the subtle mind and his thinking is the intellect. So we have three components, the gross physical body, the subtle mind and the intellect. Understanding these components in their proper perspective is very important to overcome all the problems of our physical body, emotional distresses and intellectual limitations.

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The body and mind are like the lame and the blind couple.

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