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                                 Aavaaram Poo

Cassia auriculata is the botanical name for avaram poo and it is proven to control and reduce blood sugar levels. It rejuvenates the body  and reduce blood sugar levels drastically. Avarampoo can be cool dried, powdered and used as a tea which helps to rejuvenate and cure diabetes. The Marunthuvazh Malai also known as the Maruthuva Malai, (Marunthu vazum Malai– the abode of medicinal herbs)   is according to tradition,a fragment of the Sanjeevi Mountain, whuch is believed to be flown by lord Hanuman with the life saving sanjeevini Herb.

  • Tanner’s Cassia (English)
  • Avartaki (Sanskrit)
  • Awal, Tarwar (Hindi)
  • Tarod, Tarwad (Marathi)
  • Avaraim, Avirai (Tamil)
  • Avaram (Malayalam)
  • Avarikke, Tangedi (Kannada)
  • Tagedu (Telugu)
  • Awala (Gujarati)

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