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A Universal Energy Pattern Based Learning

Everyone wants to be very smart by learning a lot of information quickly and efficiently. Especially parents expect their children to be fast learners. There are two ways to register information in our memory and retract it. The time consuming method  is by repeating, practicing and memorizing a given information.

We are presenting here an effective  time tested pattern based method than can completely make learning so easy and fun. Why patterns?.


You may read the article or watch the narration in video. (Part-1)

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Here is a BBC clipping of the proof of the efficiency of the ancient number pattern system changing the history of the world by kickstarting the application of mathematics in Science and technology.(Watch from 4 min and 30 seconds to 8.30 of this clipping.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s50qoHNPl9Q


  1. Brain processes which lead to the concept of 'zero' on the number line
  2. The discovery of the number zero is considered one of humankind’s greatest cultural achievements. Tübingen neurology researchers can now report how and where brain cells depict an empty set as a part of the number line.
  3. Credit: Andreas Nieder

    Zero is a magic number. It stands for emptiness, for nothing -- and yet it is considered one of the greatest cultural achievements of humankind, making the breakthrough for science and mathematics. It took a long stretch of human history for zero to be recognized and appreciated.

    Even children understand that zero itself is a number only after they have learned to count other numbers. It is not easy for human beings to comprehend an empty set as an abstract numerical value. University of Tübingen neuroscience researchers headed by Professor Andreas Nieder now have some answers as to how and where brain cells depict a zero amount as a part of the number line.

    The researchers trained two rhesus monkeys to assess the number of dots on a computer screen from zero to four. In the test, the monkeys judged "no dots" as the number closest to one, thereby giving it quantitative significance at the start of the number line.


Another  14min short video about Uni5 Education - puzzle -pattern explantion.



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