Updates on Uni5 Education

The syllabus for the primary School ( from age one to 5)  will be ready by May 2012.

The Syllabus for Elementary School will be ready by March 2013.


Sakthi Foundation
UNI5 education
‘’வாய் திறவாத கல் யானைக்குக் கரும்பூட்டி’’ - divine play by Madurai Lord making the stone elephant to eat sugar cane also make us to connect with divine energy in all 5 levels we can transform children with special needs
Dear friends.,
We thank Mr.Veera - Madurai for introducing Honorable Madurai High court Judge Mr.Swami nathan and Ms.Kamakshi Swaminathan through a spiritual connection with UNI5 center. Swaminathans visited our Sendurai center and got introduced to UNI5 system of early education. Madam conveyed her project through Saksham Dhemahi in Madurai.
As were planning and dreaming lot to take back Dr.Montessori's devices to special children and other hand activity exercises as adviced by Dr.Pradheep Challiyill we conveyed the system to her and she too agreed and said she was thinking about it.
I made a visit to Shivananda Vidhyaalaya School - Thopur in Madurai and observed the room where we can do the work. I got introduced various officials of the school and Saksham trust by madam Swaminathan.
Officially Saksham dhemahi requested for a work unit to Sakthi Foundation and we have posted in social network and started getting funds. We thank Mr.Ganeshkumar Pongalore for his first fund through his trust and Mr.Balasaravanan - CBE for the huge fund with which we have purchased 2 sets of working materials.
In January 3, 4, 5 - 2022 we gave 3 days training to teachers, parents from Madurai. Many adults working with special children attended the workshop.
On January 18th our Sendurai team visited the Madurai center and well arranged the working unit as directed by Ms.Swaminathan.
On January 19th we had the initiation program officially through Saksham trust. Sri Baiyaaji - senior national leader of RSS was our beloved chief guest.
Dr.Pradheep Challiyill and Mr.Balasaravanan family, Mr.Veera, Mr.Manikandan attended from Sakthi Foundation side. Dr.Pradheep explained crisply the need for the center and its features to the chief guest behalf of children with special needs.
We thank Mr.Shyam Balasaravanan for coming and welcoming our chief guest as
The chief guest highlighted the importance and great difference in having this center for special children. After January 31st lock down we hope students will come and start making use of the center. This project is being much appreciated by few senior Montessorians and many wished to observe also. This center has given back Dr.Montessori's work back to special children and also implemented the need for hands to be challenged. Hope in future we expand the work and publish research papers. We thank Ms.Kamakshi and Devi Meenakshi Sokkanadhar for implementing the project through Saksham. We thank Mr.Govindji - national secretary of Saksham for accepting the project.
With regards.,
Dr.Madeswaran.M - director of Sakthi schools

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