Vedic Tradition - a Spiritual Science

   There are only a few spiritual traditions that are surviving today. One of the long evolved Spiritual tradition is the Vedic Tradition. The objective of this spiritual tradition is to solve the mystery of the Universe.

    The sum total of the inquiry process about our own Consciousness, the spirit,  was passed on to generations after generations is what we call as the Vedic Spiritual Tradition.  It is quite possible that the Vedic Spiritual Tradition started in India and over time has spread to other parts of world. The spiritual tradition in other parts of the world fossilized as religion. This is why we can see that some Spiritual elements are common in all religions which is call as the "Truth".  

Even in India, the land of Vedic tradition there are people who have and are mis-practiced VEDIC TRADITION like a religion causing destruction in cultural and spiritual values of the Society. This often comes when individuals or groups use Vedic tradition as an organizational enterprise for their own Selfish needs. However teachers continue to come every time such mishaps happen and they clear the misunderstanding and re-establish the Truth. This is why Vedic tradition has stood the test of time and is eternal like the Truth.

Proof of Vedic Spiritual science tradition:

   A spiritual tradition looks only at Truth like any branch of Science. Vedic Tradition is in tune with Modern Science as well as accommodates all religion's spiritual elements.  Vedic spiritual tradition nurtured the growth of all branches of science like Health, astronomy, cosmology, astrology, chemistry, biology, physics, health sciences, psychology and various technologies and also considered the scientists (Rishi's) as divine.

Long before Copernicus  proved to the western world that Earth was revolving around the Sun, the Vedic Scientists has calculated very accurately the planets rotations.

Planet         Period in days for One revolution 
  Ancient System Modern values
Earth  365.26868  365.256636
Moon 27.32167 27.32166
Mars 686.99974 686.9797
Jupiter 4332.27217 4332.5887
Saturn 10766.06665 10759.201

This is  a simple proof of its Vedic Spiritual tradition's contribution to Astronomy. (Reference Indian Scientific Heritage, 1999  

Several Amazing information about Vedic Science discoveries on Speed of light, laws of gravity is seen in this link. Please Click here to read more

Tolerance: Proof of Vedic tradition's tolerance for other faiths is that only in Vedic tradition (in India) all other religions  thoughts are tolerated. There are several Temples in India that have other religious symbols accepted. There is no other religions in any other country that has symbols of other religions in their places of worship. This shows that in Vedic tradition practices what it preaches.  Other religions talk about Universal God and Love but cannot accommodate Truth from other religions contradicting its own principles. 

       The intention of this web site is not to put down any religion. Our language style might condemn the organizational flaws both in religion and in Modern science. Vedic tradition represent that "Inquiry" to know the Truth and will not be localized only in India. It is seen everywhere on this planet. The knowledge that sees everything holistic and not in fragments is and helps Man to discover his own inner "Freedom" and be blissful is the fundamental message of Vedic tradition. This method any where in this globe we identify as the Vedic tradition.

Space-time -time travel in Vedic

In the next pages we will see how the ancient scientists called Rishi's find the Truth. Before that we will discuss briefly the core message of Vedic tradition.


For more details

1. "Journey to the Source" by Pradheep Chhalliyil .


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