February 29th – March 11th

Energy concepts

Electricity – Light

Castor seeds – oil

Thaila mara leaves – thailam

Neem seeds – Neem oil

Oil in lamp – light

Grapes – resins

Current – Induction stove’s heat

Bamboo – many objects

Ice cube – water

Flowers – garlands

Real objects

Wooden book marker

Punching machine

Pins and stapler

Design cutters and scissors

Various dry fruits

Carbon paper


Writing tools and scale

Cell phone

Tools used to chop and clean vegetables and fruits

Role play for Easter

Do not be jealous

Love and respect others like you

Do not repeat the sins and mistakes and correct them

Thank God before you eat

Do not do bad things to others which you don’t like for yourself.

Try to accept the reality

UNI5 concepts

Nerves, Food and panchabothams

Human body parts and their functions – skit

Composition of air

How lungs separate 02 and co2? – Skit

Diet box for 2 days

Sakthi peetam

Parts of leaf

Unique Observations:

‘’This tree has allowed the bird to peck and have a safe hole to stay’’ – [3.5]

‘’Elephant is very huge and it walks slowly. It can carry very heavy objects’’ [3.5]

A child appreciated the use of a small wooden book marker and tried to use.

A child condemned another child squeezing the flowers.

‘’Monkeys do not know that plants will cry when they pluck the leaves’’ [Story session – 3.5]

1 year old infant does not want to wind up and he wished to continue the foot printing activity.

A 3 year old child took the new tiny Karaikudi style bucket and acted as if she is serving sambar soup in wedding feast.

Another child handled the Karaikudi vessels and said that they look different and weigh more than normal vessels in kitchen.

Resins have been introduced with traditional songs connected with them in Tamil.

Children are aware about various inner parts and their location with functions.

A 3 year old child compared the LD bulb with curved intestine.

A child compared the blood color with many red clothes.

A 3 year old child took her orange fruit and said to us that the frut has seeds which can give birth to new plants.

‘’Lymph will kill the disease like crocodile in an agazhi’’ – [3]

A child asked another child to give the posture of an idol and tried to decorate her.

Children are aware about polar region, Himalayan ranges and Shiva’s abode Kailash.

A child asked who sings the song ‘’Kurai ondrum illai’’.

A child said that idol inside hall is Durga as she is stamping a buffalo. But another child said she is Ganga as she holds a kamdalu and finally arrived that she is Durga.

A 3 year old child questioned whether fishes and all aquatic animals need air to breath.

When we named Venus as ‘’Velli’’ in Tamil, a child said that even her kolusu is made of velli [Silver]-language development.

A child wanted to pay her the fees by herself and asked us to write the receipt.

Children can relate the various objects with various contexts and places where they are used. [Carbon sheet – receipt book and ration shops]

‘’We must put medicine to all animals and birds’’ – [3]

‘’Leave stake co2 and gives us o2’’ – [3.5]

‘’Our lungs also exhale co2 while breathing’’ – [3]

‘’Why the fish which looks like a star is not in the sky?’’ – [3]