Diary writing in UNI5 centers - December, 2015

Updating dairy writing in Sendurai since December 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 11th, 2015
Energy – seed – plant, current – light and fan, coconut fibers – nest, coconut leaves – basket and kerosene – fire in traditional stove.
Real object – a native green herb, ridge gourd, lemon, Mary gold, stapler and papers, trolley, dhal.
Role play – do not be greedy, try to control your anger, do not be jealous and try to be selfless.
UNI5 – sun and its family, Sakthi peetam, Advaitham, Rainbow formation
Group activities: Decanomial square, Taste boxes, Shapes and colors, carrot cutting, musical instruments.
Christmas crib got setup and legend of Christ has been narrated since December 2nd.
Photos and video concepts have been shown in various topics.
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday poojas has been done with traditional rituals.
A 3 year old child questions us why we need to first write upon a sand tray.
A 3.5 year old child said that while doing kara niyaasam she is able to feel the fire within her and her palms are becoming hot.
When we presented the sun, a child arranged the rainbow colors perfectly in order and also named them.
Children enjoyed the peacock song with the new Andra pradesh wooden peacock toy.
A child asked her grandmother to hold the hands near the mouth before sneezing and not to say the town’s name.
Children have the natural eagerness to do rituals.
When we sang the parrot song a 2.5 year old girl compared her frock’s color with parrot’s green.
Few children took the building set lagos and played as if constructing a home.
Most of the children are familiar with shapes and the names.
A 3 year old child took the measurement jars and acted like milk man.
A 3 year old child showed the door hangings and spoke about the beauty to her friend.
A 3.5 year old child narrated animal story to her friend with models.
A 2.5 year old child spoke about looking thithi with moon’s shape to her father.
A 2 year old child touched her neck and body. She also observed the heat.
A 3.5 year old child spoke correctly about the use of wheels.
A 3 year old child said that many birds have feathers like peacock in various shapes and colors.
A 3.5 year old child compared the following shapes with various real objects.
Cone – ice cream, sphere – Earth, prism and cuboid – home, cylinder – Gas cylinder and Ellipse – egg. But egg is oval.
Children never allow the environment to get littered.
Children are aware about the Srichakram puzzle shapes.
Children wanted the idols has to be dressed properly.
Children are very much interested in narrating stories with books.
Children are aware about various abishekams and meanings.
Video shows make the children to observe silence and ask many questions

Updating observations in Pungeri UNI5 center since December 14th, 2015

Energy –

Dec 14th – stapler makes a scrap book let

Dec 15th – any material in fire – ash

Dec 16th – camphor – light

Dec 17t – water – ice cubes

Dec 18th – “

UNI5 concepts

Dec 14th – Sun light is the source of light and heat.

Dec 15th – No organisms live without sunlight.

Dec 16th – same as above

Dec 17th – Sun light does not have any specific colors

Dec 18th – Formation of rainbow colors

Specific observations:

  1. A new child is able to understand the need for neatness and placing the objects at proper places.
  2. Children are happy in cleaning the center physically and making it neat and good looking.
  3. Children are able to understand the need to use mattress.
  4. After long rain leave children came to the center and shared their emotions.
  5. Children wanted to see whether all materials are saved carefully in flood.
  6. Children like to play with dolls sometimes, to express their emotions.
  7. Children treated the guests to the center with respect and care.
  8. Children are able to correct others mistakes.

Guests: On Dec 17th Dr.Narayanan sir, Dhanasekar and Sugumar with 2 other adults. One among them is a Montessori trained staff. They were welcome warmly by us. Children gave rose to the guests. The guests observed and understood the system. They also met the local village chief and discussed about solar power.

23.12.2015 - Christmas celebrations in UNI5 centers

Today in both the centers we celebrated Christmas with traditional mood and settings. Birth of Christ has been depicted as a crib and daily video show was given from Passion of Christ movie. Selfless help, compassion, acceptance and forgiving attitude are the main human ethics given daily for a month in role play based on Jesus’s life. Today in both centers Christian parents and Church pasture came for traditional prayer. But in Coimbatore this year we could not perform the carols. Cake and greeting cards were offered to guests. In Sendurai parents have said that the center is very rich with Christmas crib like in Church and requested to celebrate every year with same grand and colors. UNI5 Christmas tree setting makes a great thinking within all of us. The centers are being closed for December leave from 24th – January 3rd, 2016.



Energy – tamarind – sweet juice called panagam

Real object – tamarind

Role play – do your work at right time.

UNI5 – Sakthi peetam


Tulsi Pooja, Christmas festival legend

4, 4.5 year old children are able to differentiate between a plant and a tree. [i]

A 3.5 year old child was able to name the taste of tamarind with right word and also the texture. [b]

A 3 year old child described yesterday night sky with natural spirit in link with thithi chart. [m]

A child acted as if he is taking paal kudam to God. [b]

A 3.5 year old child taught another child properly about various tools in repairing kit.[i]

Children below 2.5 years saw the story books and explored many things. [b]

Children made a small group and explored many picture books. [b]

Many children are aware about Indian states and names. [i]

A 3.5 year old child asked questions about vehicles and their way of movement. [i]

‘’No to artificial drinks’’ awareness was given. [b]


Energy – bud – flower – video

Real object – barykai

Role play –  wash your hands before and after eating, do your work at right time

Uni5 – planets


Tulsi Pooja was done

November feedback was received from parents.

The fruit was compared with many shapes.

A child smeared another child’s hurt with manjal paste prepared by her in EPL. [m]

A child was hurt by stamping the material and it was slightly bleeding. The child said that stamping was a wrong action. [m]

A 3.5 year old child made temple tower like model with constructive triangles. [i]

A 3 year old child prepared rice flour and drew kolams.

A child saw Uranus in blue color. She asked does that planet hold water. [i]

A child understood that under the sea we have only land. [i]

A 2.5 year old child’s mother complained about too much of eating sweets. A 3.5 year boy was watching this and he advised not to take sweets which will spoil good teeth. [b]

A 3 year old child commented that fishes under seas are playing like them without any worries. [m]

Two children commented by seeing a big star in a house as ‘’Christmas is near. So that house has put a star’’. [m]

Children are not allowed to make models with chappathy dough.

Many children make their parents to see the Christmas crib and talk about that. [b]


December 21.12.2015


Energy - air - current with wind mill

Real object - Singapore hand fan

Role play - do your wokr at right time

UNI5 - Vaikunda yekadesi celebration, kural ondrum illai song, Christ birth


Children observed the traditional fan and talked about it.

A child compared that with half moon.

A child relished the designs and colors in hand fan.

A lonfg absentee came back and he was introduced with all new tools and TV by another child.

A child was observing a book and spoke about animals.

A child correctly spoke about habitats of animals.

A 4 year old child said that he has seen many wind mills near Coimbatore.

A 3 year old child listed out various uses of current.


Energy - worm - butterfly

Real object - capsicum

Role play - help every one and share your things

UNI5 - plantes


Vaikunda yekadesi was celebrated.

Srichakra activity was given

Christ birth video was shown

A child was counting the legs and wings of insects in models.

A child segregated the inscets which can fly and cannot fly.

A 4 year old special child assisted another child to adjust the dress.

When lap top was taken for video show, a 3 year old child said that we can see flowering energy in that.

A child said that among many stars only one is bright which shows the way for shepherds to see Christ.

Children compared and spoke about real manger and crib model.

A child asked whether all animals are greeting birth day to Christ.

A child said that caterpillar eat leaves and gain strength to build its cocoon house.

A child wanted to ground the flowers which cannot float well in uruli.

A child condemned his uncle who smashed the kolam.

A child asked how sealion without legs can walk.

Same child asked how octopus uses many legs.


ENERGY – SEED - - Plant [1.12.2105]

Dece2nd – egg – chick – hen

Dec 3rd – bamboos – baskets

Dec 4th – sambrani – fragrance smoke

Dec 7th – palm leaves – baskets

Dec 8th – growth of a baby into old man

Dec 9th – granite – idols

Dec 10th – caterpillar – butterfly

Dec 11th – cotton – wick

Dec 14th – wood – wooden objects

Dec 17th – paddy – puffed rice

Real object

Dec 1st – banana leaf

Dec 2nd – mochai beans

Dec3rd – Cotton

Dec 4th – brass vessels

Dec 7th – pen

Dec 8th – books

Dec 9th – ur dhal

Dec 10th – turmeric powder

Dec 11th – cane sugar in raw form

Dec 14th – coconut

Dec 17th – brinjal

Role play

Dec 1st – trim the nails

Dec 2nd – handle the materials without throwing

Dec 3rd – do not spit in public places

Dec 4th – place the objects in respective places

Dec 7th – give place for elders and special people in buses and trains

Dec 8th – washing hands and mouth after and before eating.

Dec 9th – understand and observe any thing

Dec 10th – use the baskets

Dec 11th – do not pluck the plants and leaves and plant many trees.

Dec 14th – share things and help others

Dec 17th - do not pluck the plants and leaves and plant many trees.

Dec 18th - do not spit in public places

UNI5 Concepts

Dec 1st – Sun

Dec 2nd – Human body and temple


Dec 4th – Temple concept

Dec 7th – rainbow

Dec 8th – Temple concept

Dec 9th – Sakthi peetam

Dec 10th – sun and solar family

Dec 11th – temple concept

Dec 14th – shadow

Dec 17th – sun – all planets

Dec 18th – temple concept


  1. 3.5 YEAR OLD CHILD POINTED OUT THE CHARIOT DRIVER AND SAID THAT HE IS SUN’S DRIVER Arun and this has been decoded with speed of light.
  2. 3.5 year old girl made another child to use the handkerchief even before sneezing.
  3. A boy added lot of water to the powdered rice and said that he has made milk.
  4. A 3 year old child said that banana leaf is a big plate to eat.
  5. A 3 year old child made a wheel with blue triangles and compared with his cycle wheel.
  6. A 3.5 year child said that banana tree will give back the fruits for the water she is pouring.
  7. A child asked why sun doll has been given orange color. It is being compared with fire.
  8. A child smashed his dates and said that he can make panchamrutham.
  9. We must make the child to understand the difference between anger and firmness.
  10. A 2.5 year old child made the foot wears to be placed in shoe stand and left home.
  11. A child took permission to take little clay from the school to his home for making models. He also brought back the models next day to show us.
  12. A 3 year old child correctly said that cotton can be taken from trees and plants and used. He also says that the cotton blossoms like a flower.
  13. Few children can name the Indian states in map.
  14. Children are familiar with Sakthi peetam activity.
  15. A 3 year old child spoke much about hen’s egg.
  16. A child said that he can accept a dress with or without a belt.
  17. When we did Ganga arthi, it was crowd. A boy said naturally that the temple is crowded.
  18. A child was playing with sand. He used the scoop to pour the sand and compared that with a lorry.
  19. Children spoke much about the utility of vessels.
  20. A 3year old child can do kara nyaasam perfectly with correct terms.
  21. A child said that we must prostrate before flag post in temple and that spot is the urination part in human body.
  22. We prayed for Chennai flood.
  23. A child said that heavy rain can chop tele communication.
  24. A child said that Mathangi is wearing a saree in moon’s color. He has not used the word white.
  25. A child showed Christmas crib in detail to her father.
  26. A child said that violet color horse in sun can run fast than others.
  27. A child said that Sun’s driver Arun is also known as ‘’speed’’.
  28. A child said that Lord Ayyappa was born in our helper’s town in Kerala. She is a Keralite.
  29. A child colored the rain bow picture. She colored the violet fast and red slow.
  30. A child was imagining the heat and fire of sun.
  31. Children can relate the real objects with their own experiences.
  32. A child called her staff and informed that it is time for UNI5 presentation.
  33. A 3 year old child said that clouds look dark because they have drunk lot of water from oceans.
  34. When birds’ photos were shown many children shared their views, expressions and experiences.
  35. When human life cycle was shown many children said that the baby is KRISHNA [11 MONTHS INFANT]
  36. Children are good in comprehending.
  37. A child said that the idol is drenched in rain and wiped with her dress. But another girl corrected that and asked to use a towel.
  38. A 3 year old child placed his foot near the gopuram and said it looks like the tower.
  39. A child compared the star fish with crib star.
  40. A child compared the jelly fish with umbrella.
  41. A child compared Zebra fish with zebra horse.
  42. A child clearly described what is flooding.
  43. A child did SB yoga and said that will make her very active.
  44. Children are aware about not hurting any animals, birds and plants.
  45. A child saw India map in atlas and named correctly and said it is Dakshayini’s home.
  46. Children are also well aware about animal behavior.
  47. A child said that he will greet and serve his guests after listening to a Thirukural related to guest treatment.
  48. UNI5 Christmas tree is being presented.
  49. Children are aware that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday.
  50. A child said that ants go only in line.
  51. Special children also understand others feelings and console them. A Down syndrome girl consoled a crying child.

Ayyappa based role play:

  1. Do not be angry.
  2. Do not be jealous.
  3. Do not be greedy.
  4. Do not gossip about others.
  5. Do not find faults always with others.
  6. Do not be selfish.
  7. Do not be lazy.




Energy – clay – vessels

Video – pot making with Indian wheel

Real object – Seetha fruit

Role play – do not blame others

UNI5 – Sun as seed for solar family

We are planning for the dram of solar family.

We also showed the photos of all planets.


  • A 3 year old child observed the fruit’s skin and commented ‘’it is rough with many ups and downs like a road’’ [i]
  • A 2.5 year old child observed the granite idols for long time and explored by touching. [b]
  • A 2.75 year old child told his friend that we must not hit any animals with stones and stick and they will suffer like us in pain. [m]
  • Many children are able to recite and explain the Thirukurals and Tamil proverbs clearly. [i]
  • A 3.5 years old child compared the big and small animals’ models and named them correctly. [i]
  • A 2.75 year old child made many shapes in clay and named them correctly. [i]
  • When that child made a start she compared that with our big Christmas star. [m]
  • She made a circle and said that the moon is circle. [m]
  • Many children naturally took the books and explored. [i]
  • A child saw a colorful parachute and compared with our new big colorful umbrella. [b]
  • A child compared double decker bus to an apartment. [i]
  • A child spoke much around tomato photo to her friend. [i]
  • A 3 year old child showed the hen and said that it came out of a big egg. [i]
  • In this one week our children are much aware about a seed, zero and egg. This can be connected with bhramam – consciousness soon. [a]
  • Tomorrow is sacred Margazhi month. We are starting with Thirupavai and Thiruvembavai.[m]
  • Children observed Christ birth video and spoke much about it in comparison with real crib in the center. [i]


Energy – bud – rose

Real object – red gram plant

Role play – we must not follow anything blindly.

Video – bud blossoming

18 steps – do not blame others

UNI5 – sun – rainbow with air bubbles.


  • We have also purchased 81 cm screen size TV.
  • Animals and flowers photos were shown.
  • A 3 year old child said that the vegetable beans have seeds looking like zero. [i]
  • 2 children were drawing circles with kolam maavu and asking their friends to pray to that as Sriyanthra. [m]
  • Children enjoyed bud blossoming video and a 3 year old commented that the flower is laughing. [m]
  • A 3 year old child said that shadow is being created by sun light falling upon an object. [i]
  •  UNI5 Christ mas’ tree was presented and a 3 year old child spoke much about sunny day and shade. [i]
  • Food to animals, breeze was also given by tress. [i]
  • A child said that only lot of trees can give us rain. [i]
  • A 3 year old child worked with brown stairs. He said that carpenter has made that with wood. [i]
  • A 3year old child saw hippo and commented its features. [b]
  • A 3 year old child commented that Kangaroo has a bag to hold the cub in stomach. [b]
  • A 2.5 year old child said that camels can walk freely in sand. [i]
  • A 3 year old child compared tiger and cheetah with various aspects. [i]
  • A 3 year old child saw the lotus and said that sun likes the flowers very much like her. [m]

December 15th


Energy - petrol - car

Real object - Cello tape, scissors and stapler

Role play - ''No gossiping''

UNI5 - sun light and rainbow formation with tertiary color tablets.


A new child [Boy - 3.25 years old] got admitted. Now the total strength is 36.

Tulsi pooja and UNI5 Christmas tree presentations were done.

Children observed the rain and enjoyed. [m]

A 2 year old child stood near the Christmas crib and spoke about Christ's birth.

Christ birth - video can be shown to the children.

A 3.25 years old boy stood before 18 steps and chanted Ayyappa's names. [m]

When cello tape was shown many children compared that with circle, sun, moon and Thithi chrat. [b]

A 2.75 year old child looked at Buddha and asked whether he is Thiruvalluvar. [i]

When sun was presented, few children spoke much about uses of sun light. [i]

Children are also aware about rainbow and its colors. [i]

Each tree's use was discussed and questioned. Children are able to answer. [i]

Children asked many questions about Christmas tree. [i]

A 2 year old child expressed that he cannot see sun because of clouds and he wanted us to shade the weather chart. [b]

Petrol energy was explained by few elder children to others. [i]

A child observed Ganga Devi idol for very long time and said that she likes very much. [m]

A 2.5 year child told her mother that moon always stays near her home at night. [m]

Few children starts singing related song immediately after seeing pictures. [m]

A 2 year old child counted the horses in sun doll. [i]


Energy - cotton - bed

Role play - wash hands before eating.

Real object - cabbage

UNI5 - Sakthi peetam.


Tulsi pooja was done.

A 3 year old child worked with brown stairs and compared that with bricks, home, and 18 steps of Ayyappa. [i]

When vegetable was shown a child compared the cabbage with foot ball. [b]

A child said that the color is life a leaf. [i]

A 3.5 year old child said that cabbage can be taken as raw salad also. [i]

A 3 year old child is able to see Mathangi's color, respective day and role play. [i]

A 3 year old child compared the parts of Sriyanthra puzzle with rainbow. [b]

A 3 year old child took circles and sang songs about sun and another child took a square and spoke like a square. [i]

Children are able to comprehend well after any story. [i]

Girls compare their own jewels with Sakthi peetam jewels. [b]

A 3 year old child said that Tulsi will give medicine for cold and cough. [i]

A child was laying down when doing Sriyanthra puzzle and this was corrected by an elder child. [b]

Children are aware about Sakthi peetam method of presentation. [i]

A 3 year old child spoke a lot about Christmas star. [i]

An infant put his leg upon another child and this has been corrected by an elder child. [m]

December 14th

Energy - use and throw cup - craft work

Role play - ''No gossiping''

Real object - variety of tops

UNI5 - We installed the new TV set and observed few vedios.


*. Children shared their experience about peacocks dancing after the show. [i]

* A 4 year old child compared the video show about germination of seed with the real model placed and spoke about plant growth. [ i]

* We also showed snow fall, ships launching in seas, buds blossoming.

* Children clapped and relished when a rose bud blossomed. [m]

* When children observed the water falls they were surprised with the sound. [m]

* A 4 year old child  that even her rose must have blossomed like this. [i]

* Few children compared the video scenes with their nature walk experience. [i]

* Children wondered about snow fall.

* Photos were well observed in TV.

* Children also used books while seeing TV.

December 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th observations will be updated soon.

December 1st


Energy - Flute - air - music 

Real object - garlic

Role play - do not be jealous

UNI5 - Sakthi peetam - 2 more alphabets with Jammu-Kashmir and Rajasthan


Tulsi pooja

From today we have started introducing Lord Ayyapa's 18 steps concepts with each negative attitude of man for 2 days

Today we have addressed about greediness.

We bought new 18 steps model and asked various question.

The word jealous has been pasted in the first step and we gave the role play. We said that Ayyapa will assist us to transform this negative attitude.

Many children counted the steps. A lamp is also placed near the first step. [i]

A  3 year old child shared his Sabari mala experience with his father. [i]

When we chanted 108 sarana goshas a 4 year old child sang the famous song about Ayyappa. [m]

A 4 year old child showed the Andra pradesh wooden toys to a 2 year old child naturally using correct words.[i]

A 2.5 year old child was directed to eat the snacks carefully without spilling by another 4 year old child. [b]

A 3 year old child explored the huge Natarajar idol for very long time. [b]

A 4 year old child clearly recited Sanskrith shlokas upon Laxmi during Tulsi pooja. [i]

When we showed sakthi peetam, children are aware about states and sounds and also the legend. [i]

Children are also clear with jewels and sounds. [i]


Energy - seed - plant

Role play - nail cut and do not place the fingers at mouth.

Real object - banana leaf

UNI5 - Sun


Ayyappan - role play has been started. 

A 3.5 year old child started talking about Arun. In this context the teacher has to say about the speed of sun light. [i]

A 3.5 year old child ground rice and showed the water as milk and compared the color. [b]

Children are aware about using banana leaf's use. [i]

A 3 year old child took number 6 and 9. She compared the tilted forms and said number 9 looks like hand fan. [i]

Today it was cloudy. A 2 year old child showed the moving dark clouds are going to take water. [i]

A 3 year old child said that water and soil are very essential for a plant to grow. [i]

A 3.5 year old child said that her banana tree gave her fruits for watering daily. [m]

A child arranged right angle triangles as circle and compared that with a bi-cycles' wheel. [b]

In both centers November month syllabus to parents.

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