March 1st – 11th, 2016

Sendurai UNI5 center


Energy concepts given

Caterpillar – butterfly, iron and steel – various objects, agarbathy – fragrance smoke, raw rice – Pongal dish, Thoodhuwalai herb – medicine, paddy – rice, granite – broken stones for construction

Real objects

Paper weight, conch, Sambar dhal, Camera, Belt, First aid box, Green gram, Mary gold.

Adjectives and adverbs in Tamil language have been used with visual aids.

Role play based on Easter

Respect and love others as you love yourself.

Do not repeat the sins and mistakes.

Do not do a mistake which you do not like to others.

Thank God before you eat.

UNI5 concepts

New moon – Full moon days

UNI5 – Thirukural

Sakthi peetam

Temple and human body


Pollen grains – drama

Unique observations [The child’s age is in bracket]

A child saw the movement of coral reef and sea weeds and compared that with plants and tress moving in wind upon land. [3]

Most of the children are now aware about the habitat and functions of corals.

A child compared the glass paper weight with an hen’s egg. [2.5]

A child saw the beautiful colors inside the paper weight and related that with corals inside sea. [2.5]

Most of the children are aware about the new moon and full moon concepts.

Most of them are aware that Earth rotates and revolves around the sun and moon around the Earth.

A child said that seas give us big conch. [3]

When we introduced iron and steel many children came forward to identify the objects in the center made out of them.

A child said that animals like monkeys also have hairs like man. [3.5]

Children are able to name and talk about sea organisms after video shows.

A 4.5 year old child has developed good hand writing.

A 2.5 year old child named all the internal body organs and their functions correctly.

A 4.5 year old child gave instructions to others and taught energy conversion with paper, paint and drawing action.

A 4.5 year old child can narrate Sakthi peetam legend very clearly.

A child compared pentagon with chopped ladies finger. [3.5]

Pollination drama attracted many children. We also appreciate the team for their keen interest in making the UNI5 concept very interesting through a skit.

A 1.5 year old infant can point of the position of heart in his body.

Children are becoming familiar with daily weather and correct terms.

A 3 year old child taught inner organs to a 2.5 year old child.

A mother cut the branch with few worms and she was asked not to kill the worms by 2.5 year old girl.