Diary writing in UNI5 CENTERS - NOVEMBER, 2015



Energy – granite – idols, grinding stones etc

Role play – Respect and talk to everyone with compassion.

Real Object – Nandhiya vattai [Very big size and also a very small size comparison has been made.]

UNI5 – Fire – Sun


When the real object was shown a 2 year old child related to her skirt’s flower and also named the flower correctly. [b]

A 2.5 year old child observed the clouds and said that like us the moon has hide behind the clouds during rain. This is literary view. We have to appreciate. But we must also tell the fact that moon is not hiding and the clouds cover the view. [i]

A 2.5 year old child tried to lift the grinding stone which is too big for her. Another one advised her to first remove the grinding axle and then the bottom. [i]

When texture box was given we gave synthetic silk and many girls correctly identified their skirts’ texture. [b]

Many children shared their experiences with Thirukarthigai festival at home. [m]

A 2.75 year old child made many of the friends to observe the large and small size flowers with comparison. [i]

A 2.75 year old child said that he saw a very big moon yesterday on full moon night as he saw in Thithi chart. [b]

New Ganga idol has been shown to all children. They explored the beauty. [b]

Andra Pradesh wooden toys – a parrot and peacock was handed over for stories and songs. [b]

Few children question about Ganga idols. [b]

A 2 year old child was imagining much about sun’s heat. [i]

After seeing sun’s photos in PC, many wanted to see the real one in the sky. [b]

A 3.5 year old child asked how granites are transformed into idols etc. [Video show has to be given soon] – [i]


Energy – Water – vapor – rain

Real object – Chalk piece

Role play – Water puddles has to be carefully crossed and we must not play in that.

UNI5 – Sun


In both schools Ganga Pooja was performed.

A child related her finger with chalk piece. []i]

A 3 year old child said that chalk piece color is like his white teeth and he brushes twice a day. [b]

When we presented the cylindrical blocks a 3.5 year old child appreciated us by saying ‘’Well done aunty!’’ [m]

From yesterday we have started showing thithi chart. Today a 3 year old child came and said that he saw a very big moon yesterday. [b]

A 3.5 year old child was grinding fast and he was directed to do it slowly and not to disturb others by another child. [m]

Many children shared their Thirukarthigai experience with home. [m]

A 3.5 year old child perfectly taught to work with insert shapes. [i]

A 3.5 year old child wished Ms.Sumathy and asked how she is. Because after a small break of 3 days she came. [m]

Traditional grandmother – vadai story was done. A child asked why she could not cook the vadas inside her kitchen. [i]

A 3.5 year old child stringed all the beads into a very long chain and showed us. [b]

A 3 year old child said that sun looks orange in color. [b]

Children were asked to feel the heat of the floor because of sun light. [b]



Coimbatore school worked today

Energy – oil – flame – light

Real object – narthangaai

Role play – how to lift a material?

UNI5 – Devadeepawali and Sakthi Peetam [Tamil sound till I has been shown]

Neivedhyam – Ravaa laadu

Thithi chart was initiated.


A child asked why Shiva wears a moon. [Answer in UNI5 pattern has been told to teachers and this has to be addressed] [i]

A 3.5 year old child traced and showed AUM sound and said that all sounds come out of this. [i]

A 3.5 year old child clearly identified India map and said that is his home. [i]

Real jewels were decorated to Devi’s idol and used for sakthi peetam work. [b]

A child shared the happiness of her parents’ wedding day with us. [m]

A 3.5 year old child observed all the jewels and wanted to verbalize the names. [i]

When we lighted the lamps in our village setting a 3 year old child screamed that the people got light. [B]

A 3 year old child worked with color tablets and started relating the colors with each child’s dress color. [b]

A child was feeling sleepy. We wanted to make her to get down from us and sleep upon a mat. But she refused. Immediately an elder child said that she can take care of her. [m]


Mr.Ayyakannu visited as a guest from Switzerland visited Sendurai Center.

He wanted to see the show tell model of formation of rivers based on Ganga. This is connected to DeevaDeepawali festival. He appreciated the style of narration and UNI5 concept. He also appreciated the conservation of water through this story.


Energy – oil – fire – light

Real object – goose berry

Role play – health awareness about rainy season infections

UNI5 – Sakthi Peetam, DevaDeepawali based on Karthik poornima day. [Water concept]


Tulsi Pooja – done. Children are aware about Tulsi, Laxmi, wealth and conservation.

Every tree and every plant gives something to man and that is the natural wealth called Laxmi. Energy conversion has to be linked with Laxmi giving concept. By this the child is directed to accept and feel that every object on this Earth has something to give and man has to do the same which is the ultimate end of life.

A 3 year old child related sphere to goose berry’s shape. [i]

A 3.5 year old child said the taste with correct technical term. [i]

A 4 year old child showed Krishna’s pictures and narrated related legends to a 3 year old child. He also said that we cannot touch the office items and we must take care of it. [b]

A 2.5 year old child observed the sea model and asked various questions about fishes. [i]

Elder children assist us in making models. [b]

Group of children observed the pond model and spoke much about frogs, crabs and fishes. [i]

2 year old child is very clear about water cycle in link with Ganga. [i]

We have comprehended the children about Sakthi Peetam. Children are now aware about India’s map form and name. [i]

We also showed Sendurai in Tamil Nadu and Tamil Nadu located in India. [b]

We also talk much about wedding gifts.

When we stretched the big India map for this activity, most of the children joined and loudly chanted AUM. They are aware that AUM is the seed for all sounds. [i]

Sakthi peetam helps us to learn the sound patterns easily. [i]

Children showed how they use the kajal. [b]

A 1.5 old infant stood near Budda’s idol and observed the carving features for very long time. [b]

A 3.5 year old child has learned how to wish vanakkam properly with hand gestures. [b]



Energy – coconut – milk

Role play – Brush your teeth twice a day and drink a cup of water after brushing in morning.

Real Object – Curry leaves

UNI5 – Tulsi Pooja, Devadeepawali


Children are aware about real object and its use. [i]

A 3.5 year old saw the coconut milk and spoke about its sweet nature. [m]

A 3 year old child relished the smell of coconut milk. [m]

A 3 year old child a deer toy near the waterfalls model. The toy has felt down. The child commented as follows, ‘’Why the deer has fainted when tis fertile land has lot of water?’’ – [i]

When we spoke about Ganga, a 3 year old child shared his experience with our local Perur Noiyal River under flood. [b]

Children are aware that drinking water is much fetched from rivers. [i]

When we did verb action, most of the children did correctly. [i]

A 4 year old child was teaching picture cards and water cycle to a small child. [i]

A child felt very hungry. So our staff gave her lunch. When the child came to know this she asked the staff to take her snacks for noon. [m]



Energy – Pottu kadalai – sweet dishes

Real object – Seetha fruit – custard apple

Role play – If we do not able to help let us make others to help.

UNI5 – Water concept – Devadeepawali


Children have started relating rainbow colors with many objects color with Sun doll. [i]

A child voluntarily brought the real object from her garden. [b]

A 4 year old child traced the skin of seetha fruit and said that it is rough and has ups and downs like a road. [i]

A 2.5 year old child worked with balance tool like a vegetable seller with a small girl. [m]

A 2.5 year old child related Pravathy as Dakshayini and Mathangi. [i]

When we presented manjal paste making, many children spoke about its medicinal uses. [i]

We also observed photos about Ganga River. [b]

Two 4 year old children are very clear in reciting suprabatham in Sanskrith in circle time. [i]

When we say about seas, a 3 year old child spoke about sea’s salinity and peal formation clearly. [i]

Children are aware about Sendurai village and its geographical features. [i]

A child compared the 3 forms of Ganga matha and spoke about the features. [b]

Elder children correct younger ones mistakes. [m]

A 2.5 year old child took the fallen jasmine and spoke about its uses with his friend. [m]

We have sent Ganga Devi idol, sombu, wooden parrot and peacock for storytelling.


Energy – pottu kadalai – sweet dish

Real object – sesame seeds

Role play – If we do not have some to give we can make others to give. [Snacks]

UNI5 – Sakthi Peetam and Devadeepawali


Children observed the water based models and spoke much around the show tell objects. [b]

It was raining and children observed that. [m]

Few children expressed their feelings about rainy day. [m]

Children asked does it be painful for animals and birds when Devathas sit upon them. [i]

Does Shiva’s head does not get drenched when Ganga is always present? [i]

When we showed dry lands with dead animal’s models without water, children related to famine. [i]

When s.p was shown, a 3 year old child immediately said that it is India and we are living in that. [Excellent]


When we asked about the source of all sounds a 3.5 year old child said that AUM is the seed for all sounds. [i]


A 3.5 year old child said that Ganga gives rain through clouds. [m]


A 3.5 year old child said that sesame seeds powered sweet balls are good for health. [i]


When Tirukural realted to well was explained a child said that when we dig the land we can see only sand. Another child said that after some time we can get water. [i]



Energy – match stick – flame – light in darkness

Real object – jeeragam

Role play – we must maintain our environment with beauty and neatness.

UNI5 – Sakthi peetams and India with Tamil vowels.


Friday poojas have been performed to Gowmari amman.

Rainbow color has been given to 7 horses in Surya doll set.

A 3 year child who came late and could not join in circle time also sat out and did kara niyaasam properly. [b]

A 4 year old child is able to name the fingers in Tamil correctly. We have to focus in Sanskrith also. [i]

A 4 year old child correctly named todays weather as ‘’partly sunny’’ [i]

Children talk much about wedding in Tamil Nadu a lot. [i]

Children are able to name the traditional jewels correctly. [i]

Few children are familiar with the sounds and states when we placed the respective jewels. [i]

Children also wanted to place their bangles in states. [b]

Children observed our painting and spoke about horses. [i]

A 4 year old child asked why we are changing the colors of horse and it has been related with rainbow. [i]

A 3 year old child said that she has seen all such colors in real rainbow. [m]

Few children sat in group. They took the real rainbow photo and started comparing with horses. [i]

A 3 year old child said that vibhoothy looks like milk. [i]

We must use more adjectives.

Very few grownup children are able to verbalize Kanakadara shlokam also. [i]

A 2.75 year old child took an infant near the Natarajar idol and explained various features. [b]


Energy – fruits – panchamrutham

Real object – honey

Role play – We must take bath daily and keep our body and hairs clean.

UNI5 – Temple and human body


A new child has arrived. The boy is 3 year old.

Friday poojas were done to Mathangi.

A 3 year old child is aware about honey’s medical use. [i]

A 3.5 year old child said that honey bees and butterflies drink honey from flowers. [i]

A child shred her temple visit experience along with show tells activity. [i]

Children are able to explore the shapes after vegetable cutting. [i]

A 3.5 year old child compared Ganga’s jimiki with her real jimiki. [b]

A 3 year old child compared the nostrils of human and elephant. [i]

A child took semi-circle and star shapes from geometrical cabinet. She said that yesterday stars looked like this. She also said that moon looked as a semi-circle. [i]

A 3 year old child said that he has wasted lot of water. He also said that he will not waste water anymore. [After Deva Deepawali Ganga concept this happened] – [a]

Sendurai team says that they have only 4 children who can converse very clearly to them. All other children are below 3.5 years and they are developing their spoken skills. Will this be a good reason for lagging of observation? We need to think.
Energy - firewood, fire, wheat dough and cappathy.
Real object - measuring cylinder - marakkaal
Role play - wear the foot wears when you move out.
UNI5 - Deeva Deepawali based on water and fire
Ganga pooja was done.
Group activity - Touch board and color tablets.
Children compared the traditional measuring jar with cylinder correctly. [i]
Children are able to relate and see the color tablets with various objects in the center. [i]
A child said that touch tablets give the sense of touching the sand. [i]
A child said like applying ghee or oil to chappathy we also apply oil for our heads. [i]
When we made the chappathy dough few children related the chappathy balls with sphere. [i]
We also cut the dough into various geometrical shapes and asked children to name them. [i]
Children were able to list out the various uses of water when we started Ganga concept. [i]
Many children are aware that the energy of water is named as Ganga. [i]
A child said that Sendurai river is dry and polluted. Because of that we do  not have enough water. [i]
When we sang the rhyme about elephant few children spoke about the habitat of the animal. [i]
Children were particular to know the names of characters of show tell dolls. [i]
2 girls observed the pottu in Devi's idol with their own pottu and enjoyed. [m]
A 2 year old child compared the real gendy vessel with the Ganga's holding gendy model. [i]
Children enjoyed Arabian vessels EPL. [b]
A child asked does Ganga knew to do kara niyaasam. [i]
Children are familiar with Sanskrith words of kara niyaasam and teach each other. [i]
Energy - orange - juice
Real object - cardamon
Role play - wear good looking and neat dress.
UNI5 - fire
Ganga pooja was done.
Surya's 7 horses were painted with rainbow colors.
Many children were able to talk about the uses of cardamon. [i]
A child wants to open and see the cardamom pod and said those seeds will turn into plant. [i]
A child explored the fan toy and talked about wind. [i]
A child said that he can put the zip well after working with dressing frame zip. [b]
Children below 3 years are also much aware about lighting a candle or lamp to get light in darkness. [i]
One of our staff has problem in sitting and getting up. So children assist her with real care. [m]
A child requested for a seed to get plated at her home. [b]
A child compared a staff's saree with Mathangi's saree. [b]

Poraiyar UNI5 center updates diary writing since November 2nd - November 13th [Deepawali celebration week and Deepawali holidays]

Energy Concepts:

  1. Flowers stringed into flowers for wearing in hairs.
  1. Cotton – wick
  1. Clay – pot
  1. Chalk piece – writing and drawing
  1. Butter – Ghee
  1. Ice melts into water
  1. Paper – folding – various objects like boat etc

UNI5 Concepts:

  1. Mountains with jungles
  1. Annapoorani [Food energy]
  1. Ashta laxmi based on natural wealth given by mountains
  1. Formation of rivers with mountains as source – Ganga
  1. Govardhana Giri concept based on natural conservation
  1. System of islands
  1. Mountain ranges
  1. Mountain slopes

UNI6 OBSERVATIONS: [Edited version] Intellectual level


  1. We appreciated Poraiyar team for documenting the presentation features also.
  2. We have connected the mountain with every part, features, uses, living beings and mountains, medicinal herbs, furniture, mountain life style, occupations, water sources etc.
  3. Many children shared their experiences with mountain climbing.
  4. A 3 year child said that when we spill snacks flies will come and germs will be spread out and that will cause disease and we must not liter the area where we use.  
  5. A 2 year old child asked everyone to bring boiled water to school to avoid cold and fever.
  6. A 4 year old boy clearly and correctly named each part of the mountain through picture card material by matching activity.
  7. A 3 year old child said that most of the spices are cultivated in mountains.
  8. A 2.5 year old child took the horse animal toy and placed near the waterfalls.
  9. A 4 year old child narrated how elephants hunt for various fruits in jungles.
  10. A 3 year old girl does not want to sleep and she asked us to teach Tamil vowels.
  11.  A 3 year old child observed the germinations regularly and comments about the growth.
  12.  A 4 year old child said that plants will thank us by giving flowers when we pour water.
  13.  A 4.5 year old child said that only strong people can go very near to water falls to take bath.
  14.  Children have interest in singing poems, songs for concerned UNI5 Concepts.
  15.  A child said that he likes chenna dhal because it gives lot of strength to his body.
  16.  A 4 year old child enjoyed in counting number of leaves in our garden plant.

Body level

  1. A 3 year old girl said that she is being regular in her week end oil bath.
  2. A 4 year old child assisted another child to wear his in wear properly.
  3. Girls are very particular in wearing traditional ornaments especially after Sharadha Devi’s arrival.
  4. Children said that they can also make mountains with beach sand.
  5. A child said that her mother and Sharadha are wearing saree in same pattern.
  6. A 4 year old child brought a plant to school and planted in our garden. By seeing another child said that he will also bring a plant next day.
  1. A 3 year old child assisted an infant to wear the slippers properly.
  1. A 4 year old child made an infant wearing a short shirt to wear a good looking shirt from the extra dress.
  1. Elder children are mentally prepared to assist us in cleaning infants’ urination in rare occasion inside the class.
  1. A 4 year old child cleaned a green vegetable’s flowers and placed near Krishna idol for decoration.
  1. A 3.5 year old boy stringed the color beads and decorated the Vinayagar idol.
  1. Elder children make the younger infants not to waste the snacks and food.
  1.  Children are interested in observing their appearance through mirror and praise each other.
  1.  Infants are being used to handle proper kerchief for cold and sneezing.
  1. A 4 year old child said that she refused to buy jeans pant for Deepawali as teachers said that it will be tight and make body more heat.
  1. Elder children are also much aware about maintenance of foot wears at proper racks.
  1. Children have started relating the colors, designs, dressing pattern of the Sharadha Devi idol with their teachers, mothers and themselves.
  1. Children are getting used to proper kara niyaasam – hand warming activity. Elder children assist the infants to do this activity.
  1. Children like to do the models of land and water forms after we present.
  1. A 4 year old girl was relating her beads chain with Devi’s necklace.
  2. A 2.5 year old boy was directed to take his snacks outside of the class by an elder child.
  3.  A 3 year old child said that like them ants move in a line to their nests.
  4.  A 3 year old child placed a tree model upon elephant and said that an elephant can carry a big tree.
  5. A child condemned another child for bringing snacks in polythene bag.
  6. A child compared Devi’s nose stud and a staff’s nose stud.

Mind level:

  1. A 4 year old child brought his mother to listen to mountain presentation and felt happy about her listening.
  2. A 3 year old child got bleeding hurt and she was well assisted along with us by another 2.5 year old child.
    1. Children have learned to wish for birth day. A teacher trainee was well wished by our children when she gave chocolates.
    2. A child said that after listening to their songs upon Krishna, a Krishna idol has come from Guruvaayoor through Ms.Priya and Pranav.
  3. Children have learned to console others.
    1. When a child dressed like Krishna for Deepawali, many went and appreciated her dressing and make up.
    2. A child said to other child to get medicine for his cold.
    3. A 3 year old girl wanted us to see her floral designs in mehandhi.
    4. Children always wanted us to see and talk about their new objects.
    5.  A 4 year old child told his friend to be the friend for everyone in the school.

Children’s day was well celebrated.

WE appreciated this rural team for being very interested and responsible in making a proper documentation and observation. This is the respect they show for the sponsors. Great!

Energy - wire - bracelets and finger rings [art and craft]
Real object - sesame seeds.
Role play - How and when to ask sorry.
UNI5 - river flowing inside the earth.
Arabian brass vessels for pouring is presented and compared with Indian and Chinese vessels. [b]
Sesame seed's color and uses were discussed. A child said that elephant also looks like sesame color. [i]
A 3 year old child compared full moon's color with sesame seeds' color. [i]
Language teaching is being linked with S.P material. [i]
Sanskrith words for thithi is being now naturally verbalized by elder children. [i]
A 3 year old child compared the house roofing with triangular prism geometrical solid. [i]
Energy - aval - kesari
Real object - aval
Role play - how to lift the tray with materials and use the working mats.
UNI5 - S.P
Writing is being done on sand tray. [b]
Children asked more questions about idols' forms. [i]
A 3 year old child participated in Ganapathy homam by  chanting all shlokas. [i]
Today is the 5th class for S.p. When the teacher asked where Dakshayini placed her paavadai, a child showed Assam and named the state correctly. [i]
A child who came after Deepawali holidays asked several questions about Ganga and Thithi chart. [i]
A child behaved like Hanuman and spoke about him. [i]
A 3 year old child warned out helper to chop the coconut carefully. [m]
Energy - flowers - garland, rice - pongal dish
Real object - papaya fruits
Role play - How to use the kerchief and how to sneeze?
UNI5 - Sakthi peetam
1. Skandha sashti festival got celebrated with traditional touch and rituals.
2. Murugan and Valli were given sacred bath and archana was done.
3. Sundal and pongal were the sacred food.
4. Shanmuga kavacham archa has been done.
Tuesday Tulsi pooja was also done.
Papaya cutting and peeling EPL was also given.
When map was spread out with AUM saying a child said that this is India and Devi's cupboard. [i]
Children asked why Devi is placing her leg upon a pillow? [i]
A child asked why Devi always holds a flower? [i]
A child said that Ganga Devi bless us with rain. [i]
The word ''Dakshayini'' is now familiar to many children. [i]
A 3 year old child said that Tulsi juice can cure the cold and cough. [i]
A 2.75 year old child have started praying to Tulsi, Ganesa and enters into the center. [m]
Many children connected Muruga's birth with their birth day and gifts given by parents. [m]
A 2.75 year old child talked about the vegetable she ate and listed out its medicinal uses. [i]
Few older children started verbalizing the respective Tamil vowel sounds along with each jewel in S.P activity. [i]
Energy - bread - sandwich
Real object - Bread
Role play - wash your hands before eating
UNI5 - Temple and human body.
Murugan idol got decorated, song were recited, poojas were done for Sashti. [m]
Tulsi pooja has been done. [m]
Thithi chart has been prepared. [b]
Many children admired and relished the beauty of Ganga idol in panchaloka. [m]
A child asked why many gods holds parrot?  [i]
Few children appreciated Murugan decoration. [m]
A 3 year old child took the iron box picture and spoke about many aspects. [i]
Children are able to observe silence at silence time and senior children guide the younger ones. [b]
energy - water - ice and vise versa. This is being connected with snow capped mountains, rivers formation with glaciers.
Real object - hibiscus
Role play - we must help others. Other wise we must try to guide the person to a place where he can get the help. This is based on Monday - Moon's nature.
Uni5 - snow covered mountains. [Shown with real photos of polar regions]
Skandha sasti legend is being done.
Children were involved in drama.
6 negative attitudes have been addressed.
A local parent bought 1\2 kilogram of good carrots for vegetable cutting EPL.
When we were narrating Karthigai pengal legend children spoke and shared many views about Muruga, baby etc. [i]
Children are able to link models, picture cards and concept narration. [i]
A 2.5 year old child taught kara niyaasam to a 1.5 year old infant. [i]
2.75 year old child guided a new child how to touch and explore every object in the class without damaging that. [b]
Children were surprised to see the 7 horses in sun doll. Teachers are planning o give the rainbow colors to the horses and few children counted, identified the colors etc. [b]
Children make use of more china materials. [b]
Children explored much with snow capped mountains. [i]
Energy - wheat dough - paratta
Real object - wood - furniture.
Role play - we must help first to our family and then to our friends circle.
Uni5 - morning, after noon and evening.
Children are exploring the new panchaloka idol of Ganga. [b]
A 3 year old child saw a crying 2 year old child and said that he can maintain silence and not disturbing others. [m]
A 3.5 year old child when listened about Murugan, said that Murugan is his friend and he can drive upon a peacock in their farm. [m]
A child was working with English sounds puzzle and spoke much about the related picture cards. [i]
Children care the crying children. [m]
Elder children correct the mistakes done by new ones in materials. [i]
A 2.5 year old child started praying before taking snacks. [m]
A set of twins were handling tools without working mat and this has been checked by another child. [b]
A 4 year old child was biting his shirt and this has been corrected by a 3.5 year old child. [b]
Children listened to the sasti legend and connected many things with them like cock, pea cock, flag etc. [i]


Dr.Mani - co-founder visited the school.
Ms.Jeeva Jeyaraman also visited the school.
They gave away pens and sweets to us.
They observed all he main activities.
They said that the center is in out standing state to get appreciated.
They joined with the children and enjoyed.
Children's day was celebrated today by handing over greetings cards.
Details about Nehru has been narrated with few songs.
Skandha sasti legend was narrated.
flowers - garland
Real object
Role play
keep place tidy
Introduced Sakthi peetam [Language, Indian map]
S.P activity was well focused and observed.Children shared much about wedding, garments, jewels etc.
When the map was spread out with aum, children maintained silence in higher level. Children were happy to touch and see various states with various colors.
4 Tamil vowels, 4 states were shown.
Golu setting was made with various jewels for this activity.
Children connected racks with their own house racks and separated place for them.
Children identified the colors in states correctly.
A child said that today moon will not come because it will get drenched in heavy rain. [m]
A 2.5 year old child said that rainy clouds have covered sun. [i]
New Ganga idol has been enjoyed and poojas were done.
kadalai maavu - laadu
Real object
Role play
racks has to be used to place your foot wears and snack bags.
Mathangi pooja and children's day celebration
A 3 year old child saw the harvested green grams and said that they are seeds for next new fresh plants. [i]
10 months old infant is being guided by 2 year old child. [b]
A 3 year old child observed the Raghu idol for a very long time. [b]
Observations in both centers have gone down. The staff team which is enough large to handle this set is not focusing properly today. We have reduced 2 centers observations to enrich our own observations, but it is not being done properly. These observations are like a normal school observation. Unique focusing has to be made. 



School reopened after 5 days Deepawali holidays.

Because of heavy rain number of children came to school is 25 out of 37. In CBE only 17 children has come. But this attitude of the parents has to be strongly addressed by the teachers and management.

Much of the talk among children was only around Deepawali festival. Children came in new dresses and ornaments. They shared about sweets, crackers and relatives.

Dr.Mani from USA [co-founder] has arrived and he will visit the center soon.

Ganga Pooja was done with water conservation concept.

Yesterday was ammavasya and today we have started thidhi calendar shading activity. [Today we have started this activity]

Weather chart is also being done.

Few stories got narrated from the very Old Russian book for children.

We are preparing for children’s day.

New Arabian tray pouring activity set has been handed over in brass and gun metal to center.

New child size iron box has been purchased for EPL activity.


Oil – fire in lamp – light

Real object

Green gram

Role play

Thursday – we must wear slippers when we move out.


Snowcapped mountains


A 2 year old child keeps on comparing circles with her bangles and other objects. [i]

A 3 year old child compared the circle with full moon. [i]

Another 3 year old child compared the circle with fans’ spinning look. [i]

A 3 year old child compared the circle with the circle time arrangement. [i]

A 3 year old child came to the school after a very long leave [this has to be addressed] and she felt very much surprised with new big animal models and many dolls. [b]

2.5 year old child is asking lot of questions based on energy conversion to her mother. [i]

The child is aware about each object and its energy.

Children enjoyed and spoke much around the Snow Mountains. [i]

A child said that the local mountain also looks white because of rainy clouds today. [i]

We want the teacher to convey very minute facts about cold, mountains, ice melting, fir etc.

A 2.2.5 year old child used the sht.mangalam set properly and sand well. [i]

We allowed the children to observe and explore the heavy rainy day. Children also sang many rain songs. [m]

A 3 year old child was explained about places in Singapore calendar. [i]


New pancha loka idol of Ganga has been given for them to relish the icon beauty, carving etc.

Much of the talk among children was only around Deepawali festival. Children came in new dresses and ornaments. They shared about sweets, crackers and relatives.

This week we have placed Goddess Annapoorani Golu doll with UNI5 explanation. Children explored and spoke a lot. The nature of earth making the plants to produce food is being symbolized as ‘’Annapoorani’’ by ancestors. Food conservation has to be linked with this.

G.p has been done.


Natural white stone is powdered into kola maavu.

Real object


Role play

Usage of dust bins


Languages [Tamil sounds first 4 vowels] and Indian states.


When we showed the states, a child said that she has a proper cup board to place her jewels like these states. [i]

A 3.5 year old child said that he washed his hands and ate Deepawali snacks after playing crackers. [b]

A 3 year old child said that Annapoorani also holds serving spoon like our mother. [i]

During S.P activity when each jewel has been children verbalized the sounds correctly. [i]


From 7th – 11th the centers are closed for Deepawali holidays.


Energy – rava – kesari

UNI5 concept – Ganga, Annapoorani, Govardhan concepts based on Diwali

Real object – mushrooms

Role play – Friday – we must maintain the places where we live neatly and arrange beautifully. Marudhani’s inner meaning has been explained.


Regular Gowmari abishekam and poojas were performed.

Diwali was celebrated with lamps, rangoli, greetings cards, sweets etc.

A child saw the mushroom and said that it looks like a small umbrella, [i]

A 2.5 year old child stood near the big baby doll and identified its parts of the body correctly. [i]

Lamps were placed all over the center and it looked very beautiful.[m]

Many children worshiped the lamps. [m]

Children came in new dress. [b]

Parents were happy to see our way of celebration. [m]

Rangoli was well observed and when one child stamped that another condemned. [m]

Annapoorani was decorated with vegetables and children named them correctly. [i]

Children wish us back. [m]

Many children identified the letters in greetings cards. [i]

When abishekam was done, a child gave clear instructions. [i]


Energy – rava - kesari

Role play – we must take bath and wear good clean cloths.

Real object – lemon

UNI5 concept – Deepawali and Human body and temple structure.

Temple concept was acted as a mother taking the child to a temple.

Deepawali celebration, Mathangi abishekam was done.

Lemon lamps were lighted before Durga at Ragu kaalam.

Clay lamps were painted and given to children.

11 lamps were lighted, Rama naamam was chanted for Deepawali.

A child arranged color tablets like sun. [i]

When temple model was shown a 3 year old child said that we must do namaskaram before kodi maram. [i]

Many children said that their mother used to light lemon lamps at temples. [i]

Children are enjoying and talking much about Durgai and saptha madhargal. [i]

A child asked so many questions about Annapoorani’s doll. [i]

A child said that all sapta mathaas have applied marudhaani like her. [i]



Energy – marudhani leaves – paste – color

Real object – coconut

Role play – Thursday – we must wear foot wears when we go out.

UNI5 concept – we linked Govardhan, Ganga and Annapoornai based on Diwali.

Common observations:

We gave carrot cutting.

We enjoyed marudhani festival based on Deepawali.

UNI5 observations:

When we introduced coconut a child talked about coconut water and we linked that with earth and water within it.

Today children took ashtamangalam set and performed poojas to Govardhan hill naturally.[m]

Few children liked their nature walk experiences with their home situations also.[i]

A 2.5 year old child listed out the flowers names which she saw in flower shop to her friend. [i]

A 3 year old child described much about the features of Ganga idol to her friend. [i]

When we applied maridhani paste to hands, they pasted, they plcked the leaves and they we so happy. [m]

We all had marudhani colors in our hands. We have said that the orange color indicates the awareness to hands to perform only good actions. [i]

When we pasted marudhani few children smelled the leaves. [b]

Children can related the orange color with various same color coded objects.[i]

Children also counted the circular designs. [i]

A 3 year old child compared the China fish which is orange in color with her hands. [i]

Carrot’s color was also compared with marudhani. [i]

Carrot was chopped in circular shapes and it was also observed. [i]

We also enjoyed the Deepawali celebration mood from today. [m]


When we placed one single big idol from Golu set, children are observing more, sharing their ideas, imagination and explore.

Energy – sweet lemon – juice

Real object – clay objects

UNI5 concept – Sakthi peetam, map, language with same 4 states.

Role play – waste things has to be put inside a dust bin.

We made greetings cards for children for Diwali.

In both centers we are making color free kesari with pure ghee.

In CBE we are painting a clay lamp and handing over to each child for Dilwali.

A 2 year old child did kara niyasam and after karadhal niyasam she placed her palms in cheeks and felt the heat sense. [b]

A 3.5 year old child said that Ganga arthi will bring more rain to the town. [i]

Children observed the second time India map presentation for Sakthi peetams. When we opened the map with AUM sound a 3 year old child emotionally shouted ‘’aunty this is Dakshayaini’s cup board to place her jewels.’’

When trees moved for fan in Govardhan model a 3 year old child commented that the trees will now catch the rainy clouds and pour rain. [i]

A 3 year old child commented that like Govardhan hill, Coimbatore has Marudha malai in which Lord Muruga resides like Krishna in Vrindawan [i]

We need to paint the horses of Sun as rain bow.




Energy - Tulsi - juice - medicine

Real object - Tulsi

Role play - Wednesday - Mercury - knowledge - How and when to ask sorry? How to forgive others?

UNI5 - Nature walk was conducted with a group. Children stayed in center had book reading and other events.


Children are much aware about Tulsi through regular Tuesday poojas. Most of them knew about its herbal use. [i]

A 2.5 year old child taught another child how to hold the fingers during kara niyaasam. [b]

A 3 year old child touched a staff's saree and said ''It is rough'' - reflection of touch broads. [i]

During sleeping hour a 3 year old child observed the rotation movement of the fan and said it is circular. [i]

A parents  said that her child never allows her to wash or sweep the ants. She says they are small creatures. The child also said that we must not disturb the goats eating grasses and plants, we must show the compassion. [CONSCIOUS LEVEL]

A 3 year old child touched the satin ribbons and said they are smooth. [i]

A 3 year old child gave clear instructions to his mother how to handle a sharp knife. [i]

Nature Walk Observation:

Objects seen: drum stick tree, banana tree, yellow pumpkin creeper, hibiscus, aadhalai [herbal plant], neem tree, Nandhiya vattai plants, sand, fence wires, broken granite for construction, marudhaani plant, goose berry tree, sappota tree, pomegranate tree, mango tree, Thirunetru pacchai herb, teak, mountain's foot hills. Many farm animals and birds were observed.

Children connected many objects with their own experiences.

Children helped each other in various contexts and needs.

Children followed proper civics rules.

Real objects are helping children to know much about a plant or tree. When banana tree was shown they spoke much about its uses naturally.

A new 2.5 year old child is being taken for very 1st time for this event. He asked many sensible questions.

Children spoke about steel, sand and bricks. Children saw steel grills in various geometrical shapes and named them correctly.

When goose beery was shown a 4 year old child said it is perfect like a ball.

They tasted the sour taste of goose berry.

When a 2 year old child played with the goose berry, another 4 year old child asked to stop it. He said that vegetables and fruits cannot be used as toys.

A 4 year old child touched the suppota skin and said ''it is very rough''.

Children observed aadhilai seeds and said they look like eggs. Yes they are eggs for plants.

A 2.5 year old girl is coming to nature walk for 1st time and she enjoyed the shapes and movements of clouds.

We saw many cranes and children said that only because of nature walk we can observe all such things.

A child brought a small goose berry and shared with a helper who has not come for the walk.

A 2.5 year old girl who is evolving in spoken skills, stood before Kamakshi idol and shared all her experiences with the idol.

Children enjoyed playing in sand and made many models.


Energy - potato - cutlet

Role play - We must take care of all our materials.

Real object - bamboo basket

UNI5 concept - Tamil Nadu temple and human body. [First introduced in UNI5 Center]

Children were much eager to know the temple material.

A child asked ''who will sit in temple swing?''

Special child took the ashtamangalam set and performed rituals to Shiva Lingam.

A 3.5 year old child explained lot about Durga to her friend.

A 3 year old child said that we can see many bamboo baskets in CBE - POO MARKET [Flower market]

Center photo was taken.



Energy - electricity - light and wind energies conversion.

UNI5 - Tulsi and Mookambika poojas were done.

Common - October month's syllabus was displayed in the notice borad for parents, Govardhan mountain concept is going on, UNI5 article about child care is also given to the new parents, we have started getting the feedback from parents, we have also reported to Ms.Sumathy.

We thank Dr.Pradheep Challiyill for given an increment Rs.500 to all of us from November 1st, 2015.

Mr.Ayyakannu's son's birthday was celebrated with prayer and the child has donated RS.2000 to our center.

Fire NOC has to be renewed by next month. We request Mr. P. Sakthivel to proceed with it.

UNI5 Observations:

* A 3 year old child was able to identify all the English letters in our center's name board. [i]

A 4 year old child was explained to his friends how tube light energy is being converted from current energy in a very natural way. [i]

* A 2.5 year old child explained  the mountain concept for Deepawali to another 2 year old child like us. [i]

* Turmeric was shown as real object. A 2 year old child connected that color with many things.[i]

* A 3 year old child shared how manjal is being used for healing. [i]

Tuesday is related to Ankaraga - body health. So today we gave the role play - do  not waste the fruits and vegetables.

* A new 1.5 year old infant touched and explored the big Natarajar idol for a very long time. [b]

* A 2 year old child stood before the mirror and started laughing and enjoying her physical appearance. [b]

When we presented deer from animal tray, a 3 year old child gave the finger posture - mudra in Barathanatyam for deer. [i]

* A 3 year old child touched the features of animals and related to his own body parts. [i]

A 4 year old child parent said that her daughter is teaching name lessons another 4 year old child near home who cannot speak well. [i]


Energy - Flute - flow of air - sound.

UNI5 - Sakthi peetam [Assam, U.P, Sikkim, Maharastra]

Real object - green chillies.

Deepawali leave circular was given to parents. Instead of sweets we are giving sundal with fruits.

October syllabus was displayed for the parents.

UNI5 Observations -

Children observed the legend and big Indian map with various jewels pictures. [b]

Children enjoyed the real photos of various jewels used for Sakthi peetam activity and related to them self.[i]

A 2.5 year old child related the chilly's color with his friend's dress. [i]

A new 3 year old child was standing inside kitchen and crying. But she looked the picture of a Shiva Linga and asked various questions. [i]

A 3 year old child said that women will wear very grand dress and many ornaments during wedding. This was the comment given when Dakshayini's wedding legend was narrated. [i]

A 2.25 year old girl removed her bangles and placed in proper state during Sakti peetam activity as per the legend. [i]

In our Govardhan Mountain we made a den. This was observed by a 3 year old child and said that animals have house like dens. [i]

When Theethipalayam locality was described with Western Ghats, a child said that their village also has a mountain with lot of jungles and animals. [i]

Many children have started linking, connecting, relating the objects, features and concepts to day to day life and the self. [LIFE LINE OF UNI5 EDUCATION]



Energy - milk with tea dust - drinking tea

Uni5 - leaf is the kitchen of the plant


* Deepawali greeting cards were done before the children. [i]

* Children are tuned to kara niyaasam after prayers naturally. [b]

* A 3 year old child asked another 3 year old child to take hot boiled water for cold. [i]

* A special child has started talking much, DR.Chella has asked to take medication for an year and the mother said the child is talking better after coming here at home too. [i]

* A 2.75 year old child presented animals tray to her brother.


Energy - egg - omlet

UNI5 - egg - chick


One week Golu with one doll - concept has started from today. [b]

When mountain model was made, immediately children started talking much about hills. [i]

A 3.5 year old child introduced a new material to another child and he thanked like saluting. This child said that salute sign can be done only before a flag. [i]

Natarajar idol was shifted to office room and this was inquired by children. [b]

Down syndrome child is working very well with cylindrical blocks. [i]

She is also following all ground rules and started verbalizing many names. [i]

A child properly did weather chart. [i]

A child said that she could not look at the moon because of clouds. [i]

A child said that like Krishna's naamam. [b]

A clay lamp is being painted for Deepawali and given to each child. [m]

Poraiyar UNI5 Center reports about their very firs...
UNI5 Thirupaavai - English Version
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