Observation - updated - PUNGERI UNI5 CENTER - Nove 2nd - 11th


Sendurai center is leave because of heavy rain.


Energy – paints – art work, clay – various models

Real object – a cereal called thattai payaru [Red gram]

Role play – try to help others.

UNI5 – Sun


Sun golu doll with 7 horses representing rainbow colors was presented.

Children related the colors with their dresses.

Many children can name the doll as Sun.

Many children spoke about the necessary of sun light for plants.

Teachers have to say that sun light energy is named as GAYATHRI.

Sun light’s speed to reach earth is called Arun.

Sun’s light is named as Ushas.

Shadow created by the light is named as Chaaya.

When clay model work was given a child made a deer like model and spoke about deer in mountains. [i]

A 3 year old child saw a germinated seed upon mountain model and said that it has germinated because of light and water. [i]

When we made a clay rose it was admired and appreciated by many children. [m]

A 2 year old new child naturally settled in her circle time properly. [b]

Very young infants got into the habit of washing hands before and after eating. [b]

Diary writing in Pungery School – November 2nd – 12th

Energy –

  • Gum – sticking paste
  • Butter – Ghee
  • Fruits – juice
  • Mehandhi – saffron color beauty at fingers
  • Rava – Kesari
  • Vermicelli – payasam

Please do not show only food energy. This makes the child to think only food items can be converted into other energy forms. Change the examples.


  • Mountain valley
  • Conservation of forests upon mountains.
  • Trees are the hands to catch hold of rainy clouds.
  • Water falls.


  • Children are much aware about objects and their respective places.
  • Children are aware about handling of various tools, objects correctly.
  • Children assist the staff team in many ways.
  • A child collected dropping rain water and watered the plants.
  • A child enjoyed the sound created by air movement inside big conch.
  • Children wanted to use respective probes for songs and stories.
  • Children are much aware about three colors in our flag.
  • Children are very confident in singing and narrating stories without fear or shy.
  • A child said that the coconut leaves are hurdling their way to toilet. They are bold enough to ask help.
  • Children are aware about cleaning hands and legs after handling foot wears, broom stick, toilet and food.
  • A child took the broom stick and cleaned the twigs and leaves in front of our toilet.
  • Children got into the regularity of prayer at home also.
  • Children are interested in making use of various musical tools while singing and dancing.
  • A child has instructed his mother to walk on the side of the road to avoid accidents.
  • Elder children are much careful about infants handling books and tools.
  • Children spoke and shared many experiences about mountains.
  • A child said that cows need grasses to eat and for that they need rain. He also sang the rain song before the model.
  • Children can handle the picture books safely and have good conversation.
  • Children do not allow the models to get spoiled and littered.
  • Children clean the idols, racks, tools naturally with dusting brushes.
  • Children play with much emotion with toys and animal models.
  • Food energy – Annapoorna, Wealth Energy – Mahalaxmi, Earth – Bhoomi Devi, Vegetables energy – Samakmbari – Akshaya pathram is our selfless helping mind – uruvaga decoding presented.
  • Children are able to wish each other on festivals.
  • Children are allowed to explore with senses.
  • Children wish to sing songs related to concepts.
  • We [teachers] are learning to answer children’s questions with logical answers.
  • Children are aware that mountains are the source for much natural wealth.
  • Deepawali and Children’s day were celebrated.

Good! We expect more observation from this team. Please focus how they focus and relate the objects, shapes, colors and concepts.

Diary writing in UNI5 centers - December, 2015
Feed Back Of Parents - Sendurai, October - 2015
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