Sakthi Foundation

Namma Veedu UNI5 Infancy center – COIMBATORE

Updated observations till 24.6.2016

Our first day on reopening….

We reopened the center on June 8th after summer holidays. Anandhi says that she does not face any unwanted tension like last year. This is the reflection of the experience in handling the center. I got the exact point of handling the new crying children based on their needs and this made easy for me to settle them. Children observed the prepared environment with much focus. Many old children who came after this leave became little more matured and independent from helpers.

Usha Rani says that many cried. First I was scared but later I started handling them. Old students take much responsibility in settling new ones. I have the confidence that fresh children will settle with me soon and it is happening. Each child has his or her own way of attachment and approach with every one of us and we give that space.

Raji says that every new child settled with every one of us. Our fresh staff also knew how to handle them. This is old students are 10 in number which makes a difference. They started teaching the new ones. I feel easy this year than last year.

Valsama and Sudha [helpers] say that teachers were able to settle the new crying ones.

Sumathy – coordinator says that old students came with more settled mind and they took work and moved easily with new children. This year we made the admission one after the other and not as bulk, which made easy for us. WE can have a good silence time.

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