Poraiyar UNI5 center - Parents feedback for October and November-2015

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Poraiyar UNI5 center – Parents’ feedback for October and November 2015

Parents' feedback for the month October, 2015

1. Many children care the plants at center and home.

2. Children share all events at home which they have under went for that day.

3. Children demand home members to be good looking and clean.

4. Development of guest treatment is good.

5. Most of the children place the objects at respective places.

6. Table manners have transformed very well.

7. Children are aware about food and water conservation.

8. Few children are particular about week end oil bath.

9. Children are aware about colors and shapes around them in nature and relate them.

10. Many are reasoning out with questions about many things.

11. Children are able to use napkins properly.

12. Spoken skills are clear.

With regards.,




Poraiyar UNI5 center - Parents' feedback for November, 2015

1. Children are demanding parents to share their time for interaction at home and sharing many events of the day they have underwent.

2. Children are becoming aware about cleanliness of house environment.

3. Children are able to approach the adults without shyness for their needs.

4. Children are able to convey their health issues clearly to us.

5. Children below 3 years old are showing good sign of spoken skills with correct usage of language.

6. Children are becoming more responsible for their items.

7. Children are independent in doing their own work.

8. Children assist the adults at home.

9. Children refuse to touch others object.

10. Children can talk about UNI5 concepts at home.

11. Children are much aware about gardening and conservation of plants.

12. Children have developed regularity in doing prayers and respect all culture and rituals.

13. Children are able to grasp our communication and respond.

14. Children are able to share and adjust with siblings.

15. Children take care of their physical look.

16. Children use many new words.

17. Children have developed natural love to write.

18. Children can recite many Sanskrith shlokas.

19. They have good social skills with guests, neighbors etc.

20. Children are aware about using foot wears.

21. Few children like their home to be very beautiful and decorate.

22. Children do not stress us in morning.

23. Children brush their teeth and take a glass full of water.

24. They are very particular in taking bath at morning time.

25. Children have developed a respectful spoken language.

26. Children do not want to wear unfit dress.

We thank the team in Poraiyar for making such good transformation and parents for their responsibility in observing their children.

With regards.,



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