Poraiyar uni5 center, schools visit report - 11.3.2016

Dear members, friends.,

I was in Poraiyar UNI5 center in Nagapattinam Dt on 11.3.2016.

After a strong advice and guidance I saw the reorganizing attitude among the team.

Materials looked clean, repaired, some more to get repaired andedd the center was active.


My visit was not informed to the team.

They were surprised. I also gave guidelines for better observation of children.

They MUST communicate with Sendurai team and they are progressing.


I came to known that local people are aware about more cleanliness because of Devi Sharadha. Teachers said that parents are getting into a regularity of taking bath, good dressing etc.


Then I inspected Ms.Balambika's spoken English documentations. R.B.Middle school teachers said that her sessions will help further and to stop it.


Then in Andavar high school I met Dr.Rajamuni - new science tutor appointed by us. He gave a class in chemistry and it was good. His Tamil language was correct and his communication was clear. Grade 7th students attended his class and he gave simple experiments also.

He comprehended, made them to think, asked their experiences about the concept and also made them to read and refer the text.

Students said that they like his sessions. Other staff members gave a correct report about him. We have asked him to plan for a science lab soon and also literary association. We have handed over Rs.10,000 worthy various materials to UNI5 center and high school.

Higher level mechanical set, higher level architect set, world map puzzle, reference books etc were handed over and Dr.Rajamuni will handle them especially for slow learners.

He has been asked to attend the UNI5 center from 9.30 to 11.30 every day and make a study and report.

His planning for lessons are deep and good and soon he will be guided for an UNI5 technique. I gave few main tips about handling a concept in UNI5 pattern.

The fund given through Madam Marie is being utilized and I am sending the photos of the new constructions and also handed over Rs.25,000 and now her committed amount has been totally released.

We also conducted phone call meeting with the accountant Mr.T.Rajkumar regarding a staff misusing his name and demoralizing other staff and we have requested that staff to take a break from April 15th. All got recorded.

Friends, the students community is very poor!

Please spend an amount for them to give good support in their stream of thinking and creativity.

We thank Mr.C.Krishnan - Chennai [Dr.Pradheep's father-in-law] for handing over his good working table top system to this school for visual sessions.

Visual class for UNI5 cenetr is being initiated and the very higher level lap top is also being handled. They are repairing the projector.

But friends, immediately do not pack your old pcs etc, we need money for a set up of good lab.

I gave a presentation about the historical topic about Tharangampadi fort town.

I hope all will plunge your money to erect a good looking school for  students.

We thank A.Venkatesan - correspondent and his whole team for all support and space and freedom given to SAKTHI FOUNDATION.

with regards.,


Madras, 12.3.2016

Diary writing in UNI5 centers -March, 2016
Madras - St.George fort alas Madras

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